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Yoku Wakaranai keredo Isekai ni Tensei shiteita you desu (よくわからないけれど異世界に転生していたようです, Not sure, but it looks like I got reincarnated in another world.) is a Japanese Light novel series written by Ashi with illustrated by Kaomin and is based on the light novels of the same name. The Light novel series was adapted into a manga series with illustrations by Uchiuchi, Keyaki and serialized by Suiyoubi no Sirius, with 10+ volumes released as of October 4, 2019.

"Become a novelist", a high fantasy sequel with over 13 million PV, depicting a life-sized hero who lives in a different world!


"It's cute, but the previous life was an old man researcher! ?? Survival in another world with magic and science!!!"

The orphan Ren was riding the carriage after being sold, when she got involved into an accident, and got her previous life's memories back!

"I was... a middle-aged man!"

Indeed, she was a researcher in his thirties in her previous life, and had been living as an orphan girl up to now! Ren will make use of her talents in magic and knowledge in science to survive in this harsh world in order to escape from the investor who bought her!



Ashi (Author) / Kaomin (Illustrator), "Yoku Wakaranai keredo Isekai ni Tensei shiteita you desu" Kodansha <became a novelist>, 4 volume already published (as of March 02, 2021).

  1. Released on February 01, 2019 - ISBN 978-4-06-518950-4
  2. Released on July 02, 2019 - ISBN 978-4-06-516831-8
  3. Released on April 01, 2020 - ISBN 978-4-06-519359-4
  4. Released on March 02, 2021 - ISBN 978-4-06-522802-9


Ashi (Original) / Kaomin (Character draft) / Uchiuchi, Keyaki (Illustrator), "Yoku Wakaranai keredo Isekai ni Tensei shiteita you desu" Suiyoubi no Sirius <Kodansha>, 10+ volume already published (as of April 07, 2022).

  1. Released on April 09, 2020 - ISBN 978-4-06-518950-4
  2. Released on August 06, 2020, - ISBN 978-4-06-520368-2
  3. Released on November 09, 2020 - ISBN 978-4-06-521181-6
  4. Released on January 08, 2021 - ISBN 978-4-06-521846-4
  5. Released on March 09, 2021 - ISBN 978-4-06-522564-6
  6. Released on May 07, 2021 - ISBN 978-4-06-523140-1
  7. Released on August 06, 2021 - ISBN 978-4-06-524105-9
  8. Released on October 07, 2021 - ISBN 978-4-06-525166-9
  9. Released on December 09, 2021 - ISBN 978-4-06-526019-7
  10. Released on February 09, 2022 - ISBN 978-4-06-526651-9
  11. Released on April 07, 2022 - ISBN 978-4-06-527388-3


"I was an old man !!" Len

Ren, an orphan girl, encounters an accident while being trafficked, and the shock regains her memory of her previous life! "I was an old man !!!" Yes, Ren's previous life was a researcher in his thirties who died in an accident, reincarnated as an orphan girl, and lived until now !! In order to escape from the merchants, she will survive the harsh different world by himself, making full use of his magical talent and the scientific knowledge of the previous life.

Summary Story:

Raise your upper body and look around. The place where I am now is in a carriage that seems to have rolled over. The door is overhead and open. Multiple corpses rolling around. There are many deaths. I also have scratches on my body and some blood stains. My body hurts here and there. I'm ... Ren. There is no family name. She is a 10-year-old girl and an orphan. And Renjuro Yuki, the third son of a family who runs goldsmiths ...

Yeah, it seems that he was reborn. It seems to be a reincarnation in another world. As far as I can remember, I was a kind of engineer / developer and researcher. I worked for a large company as it was, and I think it was a high-paying category in general. By the way, although my thirties were single even after the middle of my thirties, I think that I enjoyed my single life as it was, while being devoted to the so-called otaku hobbies and going to the customs regarding sexual desire.

I feel that the cause of my death was the stage of the practical experiment of the new technology, the operation test of the prototype. It often goes out of control and explodes, getting caught up in the exploding parts and exploding. Probably an instant death. Even though it was a prototype operation experiment at a level where the prospect of operation might finally come to light, it was still a mistake to say that it was in the next room through the glass today. It wouldn't have happened if I was in a separate room and looking through the camera as usual. Ensuring safety is important.

Who said that it should be observed at such a close distance because it is a memorial teeth. I mean, the fact that they are all MAD-like hasn't changed when no one gave a dissenting opinion. I can't figure it out. In any case, I would be a reincarnated person who once lived in a world called the Earth, died in an accident, was reborn in this world, and regained the memory of the previous life. My name now is Ren. As mentioned earlier, he is an orphan who has no family name. For some reason, it resembles the name of the previous life, so it seems that the sense of incongruity can be wiped out.

It seems that the direction of thinking is being dragged there, probably because the memory that once lived beyond adults has been revived … However, there seems to be no inconvenience so far, so this matter is temporarily suspended. In the direction. For the time being, grasping the current situation is the highest priority now. I'm under a high cliff. I myself am in a physical condition that can be called a full-blown wound. How did this happen.

This world is like a medieval era, with skills, magic, monsters, and dragons flying in the sky. It seems to be such a world. It's a very template-like fantasy world. And in this world, every child receives what is called a temporary baptism when he is five years old. If you are in a rural village, you will have to go to a big town nearby and receive it at a church, but by receiving this temporary baptism, you will be able to see your status.

Yeah, that's right. You can see that in this world like some kind of game. It's strange! I'm not sure why it's happening, but it seems to be the case. As a researcher, I would like to find out what the principle is. By the way, although I see the status, there is no such thing as a window appearing in front of the other stage, just an image comes to my mind.

Skill & Stats:

Ren's magical talent and the scientific knowledge of the previous life is very useful when applying in combat, giving example of her Air barrel it apply with a physical acceleration of wind magic it stimulate through his creation magic by throwing a pebble or a dagger in high speed. The power of a pistol or a rifle is a average bullet velocity of 200 to 2000 m/s the cost around 5 MP even higher, she apply this method for combat. Her aim assisting by the skill of [Snipping] and [Hawk Eye] for long range attack giving her more advantage in combat in this style of fighting.

[Name] Ren [Race] Heavenly people [Occupation] --- [Age] 12
[HP] 55/55 [  ? ] [MP] 100/100 [  ? ]
[STR] 3 [?] [VIT] 3 [?] [DEX] 6 [?] [AGI] 4 [?]
[INT] 500 [?] [MGC] 300 [?] [CHA] 17 [?] [LUK] 4 [?]
Creative magic LV10 Sniping LV10 Sword Manipulation Magic Multitasking Non-attribute magic LV3
Magic: Light LV10 Magic: Fire LV10 Magic: Water LV10 Magic: Wind LV10 Magic: Sat LV10
Formulation LV10 Blacksmith LV8 Metalworking LV10 Leather processing LV10 Woodworking LV8 Clothing LV4 Swordsmith LV1
Steel thread making LV6 Riding LV10
Storage LV- Life magic LV10 Appraisal LV10 Alert LV10 Detection LV10 Hidden LV10 Cooking LV5
Agriculture LV8 Magic Control LV10 Magic Perception LV8 Automata Creation LV5 Golem Creation LV8 Golem Control LV8 Magic Tool LV8
Hawk Eye Magic circulation Magical Sword Creation LV3 Attribute sword creation LV3 Magic grant Skill Grant Concealment
Camouflage Cleaning Weapon Skill
Tolerance: Hungry LV5 Tolerance: Fatigue LV5 Tolerance: Pain LV5
Nasty LV8 Big breasts LV3 Birth Control
Magic attribute aptitude: All Attributes
Familiar: Stored Item
Norms ♀

Fenrir is nostalgic for Ren.
6-7 Ft. tall

Bell ♀

Norns' daughter. Mofumofu and cute
80 – 85 cm

EyeGlass: A magic tool that embeds with Appraisal Lv2 Skill
Magic Stove
  • Carriage Set [Custom made for sleeping]

MP & HP Potions
Grilled set

[Race] Fenrir [Occupation] Demon Beast [Race] Fenrir [Occupation] Demon Beast
[Title] Ren's friend [Age] 50 years old [Title] Norns' daughter [Age] 1 year old
HP 450/450 MP 80/80 HP 20/20 MP 5/5
STR 18
VIT 15
DEX 15
AGI 30
INT 15
MGC 15
CHA 15
LUK 10
Magic: Water LV3
Magic: Wind LV3
Magic: Ice LV3
Magic: Lightning LV3

Alert LV7
Detection LV7
Hidden LV7

AGI 15
Alert LV1
Detection LV1
Hidden LV1
Magic attribute aptitude: water, wind, ice, thunder Magic attribute aptitude: water, wind, ice, thunder


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