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World Customize Creator (ワールド・カスタマイズ・クリエーター, Wārudo kasutamaizu kuriētā) is a Japanese light novel series written by Hero, Tennki and Illustrate by Kyouka, Hatori. The light novel series was adapted into a manga series with illustrations by Hijikata, Yuu and serialized by AlphaPolis Web Manga, with 8 volumes released as of December 6, 2013 and end to March 5, 2021.


The long-awaited book of super cheat fantasy that has gained popularity on the Internet!

One day, Yusuke Tagami, an ordinary gamer youth who was suddenly summoned to a different world and became a "disaster evil god". While living with the people I met there, the complex political situation of another world gradually became clear-weapon strengthening, terrain change, taste manipulation ... With the super cheat performance of everything as a weapon, a chaotic young man Bringing a revolution to the world! ??


Light Novel

Hero, Tennki (Author) / Kyouka, Hatori (Illustrator), "World Customize Creator" AlphaPolis Web Manga <Let's became Novelist>, 5 volumes already published (as of March 10, 2022).

  • Book Version
    • Released date August 07, 2012 978-4-434-16935-9
    • Released date November 10, 2012 978-4-434-17279-3
    • Released date February 06, 2013 978-4-434-17580-0
    • Released date May 06, 2013 978-4-434-17883-2
    • Released date August 06, 2013 978-4-434-18169-6
  • Paper Book Version
    • Released date June 16, 2014 978-4-434-19306-4
    • Released date July 14, 2014 978-4-434-19382-8
    • Released date August 18, 2014 978-4-434-19518-1
    • Released date September 16, 2014 978-4-434-19608-9
    • Released date October 14, 2014 978-4-434-19658-4

Hero, Tennki (Author) / Kyouka, Hatori (Illustrator), "World Customize Creator EX" AlphaPolis Web Manga, It's collaboration work of Hero, Tennki both "Ikai no Majutsushi: Muteki no Ryuugakusei & Spirit Migration" 1 volumes already published (as of March 07, 2015).

  • Released date March 07, 2015 978-4-434-20317-6


Hero, Tennki (Author) / Kyouka, Hatori (Character draft) / Hijikata, Yuu (Illustrator), "World Customize Creator" AlphaPolis Web Manga, 8 volumes already published (as of June 30, 2021)

  • Released date November 30, 2014 - ISBN 978-4-434-19856-4
  • Released date October 31, 2015 - ISBN 978-4-434-21048-8
  • Released date November 30, 2016 - ISBN 978-4-434-22537-6
  • Released date November 30, 2017 - ISBN 978-4-434-23862-8
  • Released date September 30, 2018 - ISBN 978-4-434-25018-7
  • Released date September 30, 2019 - ISBN 978-4-434-26323-1
  • Released date August 31, 2020 - ISBN 978-4-434-27787-0
  • Released date June 30, 2021 - ISBN 978-4-434-29013-8


"“How cruel can you be to view people as cattle?”" ― Tagami Yusuke

Yusuke Tagami has been summoned to another world by being guided by a mysterious voice, "Caltsio." He was just a young, video-game lover, but Fate decided to make him become the "Evil God of Calamity" of this world, obtaining the ability to create and customize everything. Due to the construction of the Deernook Fortress and the exemplary service during the Paula incident, Yusuke’s request for permission to construct a residence in the noble’s district was approved without any issues.

Yusuke started a new life as the captain of the "Dark God Corps" who reports directly to the princess, buying the "Customize Create" ability to customize everything. However, the troops suddenly fall into a pinch after being attacked by an enemy at the scene of his first mission! After witnessing the cruel tactics of the enemy, Yusuke finally decided to use his abilities in battle !! As the captain of the "Dark God Corps" in the Kingdom of Foncrank, he marches on the fortified city of Paula in response to the civil war in the neighboring country, Bull Garden. At the very moment when the end of the battle is opened, an army corps of unknown affiliation invades the battlefield. They were led by the king of Gazetta, the kingdom of unskilled people. That man was Shinha, an unskilled warrior with whom Yusuke once made a friendship.

Yusuke Tagami, who was summoned to another world as the "evil god of disaster," learns of the existence of a nation that seems to be the mastermind behind the massacre of unskilled people after fighting with King Shinha. And, while the politics and speculations of each country are mixed, the behavior of caring for Yusuke's people accelerates his destiny as an "evil god." The fate of the "evil god" or the movement of Yusuke will cause the historic power to perish. As the aftermath spreads to various places, the damage caused by "demon beasts" increased.

The demon beast that invalidates the god skill brings disaster to the whole of another world ...!? Yusuke and others have started to block the demon beast's research facility after twists and turns. However, an unexpected force enters there and the situation shows rapid development! In response to a request for help from a neighboring country, he heads for the investigation and defense of the port town that connects the borders, where he encounters the young head of the underground organization "Wind Blade" and succeeds in detaining himself. However, the runaway of the organization trying to overthrow the nation has already reached a point where it cannot be stopped ...! Yusuke's "Customize Create" shows its true value in a battlefield where various speculations are mixed up!

Following his royal order and calming the turmoil of his neighbor Trentrietta, he further enhances his reputation as a hero. However, it led to an assassination plan by a nobleman who was in the way of him. Assassination plan, demon beast turmoil, disparity due to divine skills ... Overcome many trials that fall and lead a different world to peace!


He isn't a very sociable person in the beginning but over time as he met the people of Kaltcio he's become more open and friendly, making friends with many of it's inhabitants. Helping those who are Artless to defend themselves, customizing just about anything to fit someones needs. A quick thinker, and great strategist seemingly able to instantly devise plans and strategies on an impulse based on what he can customize around him. He also seems very focused on his goals and tasks as he states he has no time for women in chapter 33.


Being Transferred to unfamiliar world. Yusuke Tagami has been given a strange ability that able to customized every thing. He have knowledge of modern world, and able to apply in the new world Yusuke is pretty weak for a man in this world, doesn't have training nether nor martial arts to protect himself. But he have very tactical in combat able to observe certain problem and figure out.

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Item Customization Creation System

  • Custom Create Screen [Game Interface] is the power to change any object at will.
  • It appears as a simple layout menu with a wired frame. A Screen that continuing to move the item [3d model], depicted in the 3D game, shown on the screen, with the cursor, he was thinking of how to use the [customization code]. It was a system, used to modify the stats of the item, obtained in an RPG game
  • He is able to change the color, shape, and length of an object, there is even a slider that allows him to set the parameters of efficiency. It seems like the items he uses have the same specifications as a game. There aren't any customization points, meaning unlimited changes. Yusuke can check the customization history of an item, and examine the parts. He can also use the rotate and enlarge functions, which are part of his ability.

Weapon & Armor Enchantment

  • In the Item Customize Create System, which was the basis for Yusuke’s Customize Create ability, when customizing clothes, map items, or items such as food, the user was allowed a certain degree of freedom. Still, originally this system was meant to customize the weapons and the defensive items of the user.
  • Yusuke can add Special Effects/Enchantments like offensive power, stamina, divine arts power, accuracy, body strength, and agility to the item that he customizes. Therefore, when customizing the armor class items, Yusuke had an extensive amount of options. This meant, that even if it can be considered cheating, Yusuke can raise the strength and power of these items as much as he wanted.
    • Special Effects/Enchantment:
      • All Damage, Magic/Divine Arts Resistance, Health recovery, Sharpness, Mana recovery, Attribute boost, Physical Armor, Damage Negation, Attribute Bonus, Cast Speed.
      • Physical damage, Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Random Resistance, Attribute Damage, Physical Damage Reflected, Physical/Magic Absorption, Blindness, Fear, Poison, Durability.
      • Speed Up, Fly, Silence, Random Element Damage, etc.
  • It can restore certain object even body parts for human, making it good and pretty. But the down side can't revive dead people.
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Battle Capabilities

  • Yusuke can immediately prepare for a fight, having practiced many times just in case he needed to fight. Opening a customization menu by concentrating, he calls out the customization status for the map item. He instantly erects multiple defensive walls around himself, as well as trap zones similar to the pitfalls he has used before.
  • When an opponent enters the trap zone he or she steps on the thin cover of the pitfall and falls in. Immediately after that, several protective walls slide down into the hole, falling onto the opponent.
  • Yusuke came up with an experimental divine art based on the idea that if the vertical movement of a customized object is possible, then the horizontal movement should be possible as well. He creates a stone pavement to transport a number of troops. But Yusuke presence to the monster giving them a instinctively fear. He able to grasping and analyzing the situation, correct advice can be given to one's allies.


  • Yusuke is equipped with his specially buffed pants, coat, and cloak; these items were the darkness god corps’ clothing that were given to him. He enhanced them with physical resistance, divine art resistance, combustion resistance, freezing resistance and abnormal condition resistance.
  • He applied a recovery effect and a tranquility effect to his pajamas, and as a result it allowed him to awake earlier in the morning and shorten his sleeping time.


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