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Tsutaou (蔦王, Ivy King) is a Japanese manga series written by Kuru, Hinata with illustrations by Akane Nito and is based on the light novels of the same name. The light novel series was adapted into a manga series with illustrations by Kurihara, Aoi and serialized by AlphaPolis Web Manga, with 1 volume released as of December 31, 2017.

Genres: Fantasy, Romance


The trip destination is in the arms of His Majesty the former emperor !?

Sumire Nozaki is a little bit awkward for a high school student, but the truth is that she's just bad at relationships. Suddenly, a fire occurred and she was engulfed in a huge explosion! All of a sudden, she appears in front of a good-looking man with silver hair and purple eyes! And he's none other than Gladitoria's former emperor?! Furthermore, he is served by mysterious sentient ivy. A love story revolving around the two of them in a gentle fantasy world!

(Source: AlphaPolis, translated)


Light Novel:

Kuru, Hinata (Author) / Akane Nito (Illustrator), "Tsutaou" Regina Comics, 3 volume already published (as of September 16, 2016).

  • Released Date 1 July 2011 - ISBN 978-4434158476
  • Released Date January 19, 2018 - ISBN 978-4434160950
  • Released Date January 17, 2014 - ISBN 978-4434187247


Kuru, Hinata (Author) / Akane Nito (Character draft) / Kurihara, Aoi ( Illustrator), "Tsutaou" AlphaPolis Web Manga <Regina Comics>, 1 volume already published (as of December 31, 2017).

  • Released Date December 31, 2017 - ISBN 978-4-434-23965-6

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