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Tetsuya Takahashi is the main protagonist of Genkai Level 1 kara no Nariagari: Saijaku Level no Ore ga Isekai Saikyou ni Naru made



After being thrown into the Valley of Death to die for being "defective", because his limiter is level 1, Tetsuya strong desire for revenge. Other than that, he is usually a kind, polite and affectionate man. Before being summoned, he regretted all the wrong choices he made in his life.

"Wanting a chance to fix everything so I can have a decent life."


While attempting to rescue a girl from some delinquents all six were summoned to the Kingdom of Arbus though Tetsuya and the girl were summoned by mistake. The group was told that many human territories had been destroyed by different races, and that humanity was on the edge of extinction. Though in actuality the King summoned the "heroes" in order to expand Arbus’ territory and conquer all the demihumans. The 4 delinquents were rearing to go though the girl wanted nothing to do with this and left the kingdom to do her own thing. Tetsuya however gets thrown into the Valley of Death to die because the human king thought that he was useless due to being locked into Level 1 stats. It should be noted that the delinquents have a max level of 100+ which makes them one man armies, while the normal humans have at best around level 30 while some top tier powerful demi-humans are at most level 80's. Needless to say, the 4 basically split up and start conquering.


Tetsuya is in a monster infested canyon and is steadily growing stronger by absorbing monster corpses, rescues a catgirl named Lenya from monsters, and meets up with an elf named Mek Samafers. Just before leaving the canyon, Tetsuya runs into a spirit that was watching over him called the "King of the Abyss". He gives Tetsuya a crest that allows him to borrow some of his powers. Some time after leaving the canyon one of the four sets off to conquer the elven kingdom. When the Mek hears about this, she Tetsuya and Lenya set off to defeat him. They ran into destroyed elven villages and Tetsuya vows revenge. The delinquent had yet to arrive at the Elven royal capital and allowing the three to defend the place.

In the fight Tetsuya proved quite strong until the delinquent started using his cheat beating him mercilessly. Cue in the "King of the Abyss" telling Tetsuya that if he allows him to take over the his body, then he save his friends. Tetsuya agrees and the King kills the hero then promptly absorbs him. At this point, the King is happy as hell because he now has a body to inhabit and escape from the boring abyss with. Furthermore, this body has an awesome cheat that allows him to absorb abilities from corpses. Mek sees that the King is evil and uses a royal elven item to disable the crest and bring Tetsuya back to his senses.

After a while, the second delinquent shows up and decides to conquer the commonwealth that the Tetsuya is staying at. He and his team fights against the invading human army. The second delinquent has a cheat that makes him an impenetrable tank (damages are reduced to like 1 damage). Tetsuya compensates by using the cheat he absorbed to slowly grind down his health. After defeating the human army and killing #2, Tetsuya reminded of the Kings power vowed to no longer use Absorb Corpse on humans or demi-humans. Tetsuya goes off and trains a bit and kills some more monsters and absorb them. Only to realize that he can no longer absorb any more skills, because he has hit his limit of absorbing skills. Mek basically says that he needs to go get some expansion pack potions in order to absorb more skill now.

Abilities & Powers[]


  • Absorb Corpse: A Skill that allows Tetsuya to absorb to gain the skills and status of the dead bodies he touches.
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    : A skill Tetsuya gained from an Earth Dragon it allows him to see peoples Status.
  • Meterorite: A skill Tetsuya gained from absorbing an Earth Dragon. He summons a small meteorite to crush his enemies. Its size is based off of casters skill
  • Thunderbolt: A skill Tetsuya gained from a Thunderboar a lightning attack that immobilizes the opponent.
  • Absorbent Thread: A skill Tetsuya gained from a Absorbent Spider. It is a spider web that absorbs the mana of those caught within it.
  • King of the Abyss Crest: This allows Tetsuya to borrow some of the King of the Abyss’ power.



  • Absorb Corpse: This skill can only be used when Tetsuya is touching the body.
  • Level Cap: Absorb Corpse is able to increase Tetsuya’s stats his level cap will always remain level 1. There is also a limit to how much this skill can be used requiring Ranma to drink an expansion pack potion in order to absorb more.
  • King of the Abyss Crest: In actuality this crest allows the King of the Abyss to take over Tetsuya’s body and powers when he activates it. Mek was able to use a royal elven item to disable the crest once she realized this, but a portion of the King still remains in Tetsuya trying to convince him to use its power.



Lenya is a cat-type beastmen Tetsuya found encountering an Absorbent Spider

Mek Samafers[]

  • Age: 81
  • Level: 77/85

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Mek is Lenya’s adopted mother and Tetsuya’s master. She is an Elf princess whose power has been diminished because of a curse which also makes her look like a Teddy Bear.


  • He was able to kill Gordon freeman each time they meet, even holding a conversation against gordon freeman "deadly silence" ultra skill.

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