Strange Dawn (ストレンジドーン Sutorenji Dōn) is a Japanese isekai-summoned anime series created by Hal Film Maker for Pioneer LDC. It premiered on WOWWOW channel from July 11 to September 26, 2000 for 13 episodes.

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Two high school girls (Yuko and Eri) are transported to a magical planet which is dominated by small semi-humans. To the girls' surprise, they are treated as Gods by the little creatures and learn from Princess Alia that she magically transported them here believing that they are the 'protectors' and will end the horrible war that has been going on for years.

However Yuko and Eri try to convince them that they are nothing more but two ordinary girls and all they want is to go home. They befriend Shall who comes to the decision to protect Yuko and Eri he tells them that Princess Alia was captured right after she summoned them. Shall then leads them into a long journey to find Princess Alia, but unfortunately other countries discover the appearance of the two girls and are doing anything that they can to use them for their own benefit.

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