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Sokuhi Shigan! / Sokuhi Shigan!: Road to Bath (側妃志願!) is a Japanese light novel series written by Yukinaga, Maki with illustrated by Kira, Yuu and is based on the light novels of the same name. The light novel series was adapted into a manga series with illustrations by Fujiwara, Rika and serialized by Alphapolis Web Manga, with 2 volumes released as of March 9, 2017 to May 10, 2018.


While Aida Kiyoka is working at her part-time cleaning job, she suddenly trips to a another world. A kind lady takes her in and she begins her new life there. However she faces one big problem, normal households in this world do not have bathtubs! As a person who has an unusual love for cleanliness and loves taking baths, for Kiyoka this is an utterly unbearable situation. However, one day, she hears that the King is recruiting a side consort. She thinks, 'If I become a consort, won't I be able to have baths every day?' and immediately applies.

A unique trip fantasy, about a girl who loves to clean (clean-freak in denial) and her road to her dreamed bath.



Yukinaga, Maki (Author) / Kira, Yuu (Illustrator), "Sokuhi Shigan!: Road to Bath" Alphapolis <Regina Books>, 3 volumes already published (as of June 26, 2015).

  1. Released date August 01, 2014 - ISBN 978-4434196270
  2. Released date January 29, 2015 - ISBN 978-4434201967
  3. Released date June 26, 2015 - ISBN 978-4434207778


Yukinaga, Maki (Original) / Kira, Yuu (Character draft) / Fujiwara, Rika (Illustrator), "Sokuhi Shigan!: Road to Bath" Alphapolis Web Manga, 2 volumes already published (as of August 06, 2018).

  1. Released date December 04, 2017 - ISBN 978-4434238635
  2. Released date August 06, 2018 - ISBN 978-4434247811


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