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Parallel World Pharmacy (異世界薬局, Isekai yakkyoku) is a Japanese light novel by Liz Takayama. Keepout is in charge of the illustration. Published by MF Books (KADOKAWA Media Factory) from January 2016.

The serialization began on July 1, 2015, on the novel posting site "Let's become a novelist," and was revised and revised in January 2016 to become a book from MF Books. In addition, a comicalized version based on this work has been serialized in "ComicWalker" and "Nico Nico Seiga" since November 2016 and has been made into a book by KADOKAWA. As of July 2021, the cumulative circulation of the comicalized version has exceeded 1.2 million (including the electronic version), and the cumulative circulation of the series has exceeded 2.3 million.

It is written under the guidance of specialists and healthcare professionals because it deals with real medicines and diseases. n addition, the time lag that occurs between the original novel version and the manga version produced later causes changes in evidence and scientific evidence during that time, resulting in differences in content between the novel version and the manga version.

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A young pharmacologist and researcher in Japan named Yakutani Kanji died from overworking and was reincarnated in a parallel world looking like a fantasy medieval Europe.

He was reincarnated as Falma de Medisus, a 10-year old apprentice to a famous Royal Court pharmacist, who had attained inhuman skills ability to see through disease, material creation, and material destruction.

In a society in which dubious medical practices are rampant, price gouging through the monopoly of the pharmacist guild and good medicine isn’t available to the commoners he decided to use his knowledge to change the world. He was recognized by the Empress of the time and got permission to open a Pharmacy at the corner of the town.

He decided to wipe out the fraud that has swept the world and deliver to the commoners a truly effective medicine that was developed using present-day pharmacology.

Thus, the boy pharmacist will cheat by using his previous knowledge to create innovative medicines while helping the people of the parallel world, a story about living his new life to the fullest this time.

List of published books

Light novels:

Liz Takayama (Author), keepout (Illustration) "Isekai Yakkyoku" KADOKAWA <MF Books>, 8 volumes already published (as of July 21, 2021)

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 January 25, 2016 978-4-04-068047-7
2 May 25, 2016 978-4-04-068320-1
3 October 25, 2016 978-4-04-068672-1
4 March 25, 2017 978-4-04-069088-9
5 August 25, 2017 978-4-04-069409-2
6 March 24, 2018 978-4-04-069806-9
7 July 25, 2019 978-4-04-065838-4
8 July 21, 2021 978-4-04-064268-0


Koya Hijiri (Author), Liz Takayama (Original), keepout (Character Draft) "Different World Pharmacy" KADOKAWA <MFC>, 7 volumes already published (as of July 21, 2021)

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 March 23, 2017 978-4-04-069116-9
2 September 23, 2017 978-4-04-069419-1
3 May 23, 2018 978-4-04-069836-6
4 February 22, 2019 978-4-04-065350-1
5 October 21, 2019 978-4-04-064070-9
6 September 23, 2020 978-4-04-064768-5
7 July 21, 2021 978-4-04-680506-5
8 March 22, 2022 978-4-04-681251-3


An anime television series adaptation was announced on July 15, 2021. Production was announced in July 2021  and will be broadcast from 2022  .

  • Staff:
    • Original-Liz Takayama
    • Character draft --keepout
    • Director- Keizo Kusakawa
    • Series composition- travel
    • Character design-Mayuko Matsumoto
    • Animation production- Diomedia
  • Theme song
    • "Fantasy Chronicle"
      • Opening theme by Kaori Ishihara. The lyrics are Natsumi Tadano, and the composition and arrangement is Motokiyo.
    • "White rain"
      • Ending theme by Little Black Dress.



After losing his little sister to an incurable disease, world-famous medical researcher Kanji Yakutani gave it his all to cure patients by dedicating his life to inventing new medicines. After working himself to death at the age of 31, the former pharmacist wakes up as a 10-year-old child whose body has been struck by lightning. He discovers that he has been reincarnated into a medieval world as Falma, a child of the respected De Médicis family.

In a world where divine arts—magic granted through blessings from guardian deities—exist, Falma realizes that his body is host to the guardian deity of medicine. The boy has been granted the mythical divine arts of creation and reduction as well as the ability to instantly diagnose illnesses in people's bodies.

He soon discovers the terrible state of medicine in this world: only nobles are able to afford medical care, which is ineffective at best and detrimental at worst. Using modern knowledge and his divine powers, Falma gradually makes a name for himself as a pharmacist despite his young age, even earning recognition of the imperial court. When he finally acquires a proper pharmacy of his own, he sets out to pursue his goal of improving healthcare in the San Fleuve Empire and making it accessible to all.

The second son of the de Medicis family, a well-known court pharmacist. Blonde blue-eyed boy. 10 years old. The name "Falma/Pharma" means "pharmaceutical". Prior to reincarnation, he was a 31-year-old pharmacist who was an associate professor at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, National University of T, Japan. The name " Kanji Kusuritani (Yakutani feeling)".

When he was young, he lost his 4-year-old sister who suffered from a brain tumor after two years of fighting against illness. do. However, due to extreme overwork, he develops acute myocardial infarction and dies from overwork in the middle of his career. After that, he reincarnated in another world and was reborn as Falma de Medicis, an apprentice of a court pharmacist.

At first, I was confused by reincarnation, but I witnessed a different world where wrong treatment methods are widespread (medieval level on the earth), and I used my knowledge of pharmacy in my lifetime to correct the treatment methods in another world. And decide to save a large number of people. He was recognized as a court pharmacist by saving Emperor Elizabeth II from the incurable white death, and later passing an unannounced test. Opened "DIVERSIS MUNDI OF PHARMACY".

When the pre-incarnation Falma was struck by lightning, there were scratches on both arms in the shape of the " Lichtenberg figure " (Lichtenberg figure). Although he denies it, the mythology changes from water attribute to non-attributed and can generate or erase all kinds of substances (but only those that can accurately image the molecular structure), without using any divine power. There are changes that are soaked in the outside world, such as no shadows and no shadows.

From his background, he seems to be completely uninterested in pharmacy, but he has a lot of hobbies, such as knowing the words "moe" and "shotacon" and being happy to hear that football has been introduced.


  • Yakushi
    • In a different world, it is roughly classified into three categories. Unlike Japanese pharmacists, he has an independent prescription right, can prescribe medicines based on his own diagnosis, and treats patients, effectively playing the role of a physician . Doctors in another world are equivalent to Japanese surgeons and dentists . By the way, read "Yakushi" instead of "Kusushi". The number of registered people is the number when Pharma has just reincarnated.
      • Court pharmacist /Imperial Court pharmacist: A prestigious aristocratic pharmacist. Prescribe medicines to emperors and royalty aristocrats. The court pharmacist is given the title of "uke", which is higher than the Duke in the aristocratic class. Only three people were registered in the empire, but a new Pharma is recognized.
  • Myth
    • The ability that can be used in the reincarnated world. The attributes of the guardian deity are determined by nature, and when the guardian deity is appraised and blessed at the time of the temple's etiquette, a divine vein opens in the body and the magic can be used. The minimum requirement for aristocrats is to be able to use mythology, and those who are not blessed and cannot open their divine veins are immediately dropped by the commoners.
    • The amount of divine power required to use the divine technique (the technique of divine/Gods art) is fixed by nature and does not increase by training. It has five attributes: fire, water, wind, soil, and nothing, and is further divided into raw (generated) and negative (decreased). In particular, non-attribute is a rare attribute, and some of them have the power to be called "non-standard", and they are treated in the same way as God. There are more than 100 guardian gods in the world, and in addition to the common sun gods, moon gods, and earth mother gods, there are also professional gods such as medicine gods and medical gods.
God Of Medicine
  • God Of Medicine》: Falma granted that his body is host to the guardian deity of medicine giving in his right shoulder of Lichtenberg figure shape burns line (Holy Mark of Medicine God) and no shadow as such of giving him a Chantless and Limitless amount of magical energy that he can produce in his body. "Downside of this power it the user over-limit his/her capacity the body of the user became transparent."
    • Divine Pulse [Law Manipulation]: A part of the blessing that gives after the baptism ceremony given by the guardian deity that allows their body will open, allowing them to use their Gods art, which enables the manipulation of the laws of the world from either magical or scientifical perspective. How effective it is used depends on the user's abilities. If the user is not in possession of sufficient affinity for the respective laws or not in possession of enough knowledge about the scientific or magical laws and the way they operate, they will not be able to fully bring out its power.
    • Conjuration [Mythical God's Art - Colorless Element]: Falma has been granted the mythical divine arts of Matter Creation & Matter Erasure as long as he knew the chemical formula.
    • Divine Sight: Special abilities given to reincarnated Falma. Only the ability of the left hand is called "eye examination" in the work, but this section also describes the ability of the right hand.
      • Description: The procedure to see the is by making finger gesture creating a v shape or circle shape near of eye, it granted a vision the affected part will glow blue. When the user thinks of the correct symptoms it turns white and when the symptoms are incorrect it glows red until being a deeper red. When they are counter-measured therapy, the light will become thin instead of disappearing.
        • Left Hand: if you look into a person from a ring made with your fingers (later changed to a shape that sandwiches your eyes with your index and middle fingers), if there is a lesion on the other person's body, that part will appear to shine. However, you can only know "whether there is a lesion", and unlike X- rays and CT scans, the appearance does not differ depending on the disease, so you have to guess what kind of disease it is. .. The light is initially blue, turns white if the name of the disease can be identified, and turns red if it cannot be treated with Falma's technique (excluding mythology and abilities It disappears if you take a curable prescription, and if you can only treat symptomatic treatment, it just dilutes and does not disappear. In addition, when a therapy that depends on the skill of the practitioner, such as surgical therapy instead of medication, is required, it cannot be determined by this ability.
        • Right Hand: You can enlarge the affected area. Although there is a limit to the magnification, it is possible to see the gene sequence by using another magnifying glass such as a microscope.
    • Prayers [Faith]: A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship. For God's vessel this prayer act as a fuel or energy that nourishment and flows to the body giving them divine power.
    • Divine Presence [Sanctuary]: The user emits transcendent presence which has supernatural effects related to their divine aspect and their relative disposition, Cause beneficial effects on the user's surroundings. This effect the evil being not lingering in the area.

Another world pharmacy [DIVERSIS MUNDI OF PHARMACY]

  • A royal charter shop given by Pharma as a reward for treating the emperor's white death . A place to realize his ideal idea of ​​"safe, secure, inexpensive and truly effective medicines for all". It was opened mainly for commoners, but initially it was not popular because it was run by an aristocrat and the store manager was a child. However, the sale of epoch-making cosmetics that are harmless and different from the conventional white powder has increased the sales explosively, and it has become accepted due to the effects of the prescribed medicines and careful and friendly medical examinations. Currently, in addition to the first store, the Isekai Yakkyoku, there is a second cosmetics brand store, "MEDIQUE," and a third store specializing in oral care, "8020".

Dispensing pharmacy guild

  • A new guild launched by Pharma to bring in third-class pharmacists . There is no membership fee and you can withdraw freely. At first, Pharma was the chief, but later Pierre, the owner of the first member store, the Sunbeams Pharmacy, became the chief.


《The Equipment has appeared in both Light Novel & Manga》

《Medical God's Staff》

  • Medical God's Staff》: A wand that was passed down to the Keeper of the Seven Keys and kept, and was given to Falma by Salomon, who learned that Falma's original wand was damaged during his training in divine arts because he could not bear his own divine power. thing. It is foldable and stretchable and can handle all four attributes and the mythical operations of combat, medical care, healing, and purification. Is also possible. According to an ancient document, it is said that "this wand does not belong to this world, so it can only be handled by a guardian deity outside this world." do not have.
    • Description:
      • In this Divine staff the inserted crystal stone store and amplify divine power and when the stone becomes clear it will become exponentially stronger when the stone becomes completely transparent, the user power will be multiplied fivefold.
      • Amulet》

        The medical God's staff is the guardian deity's sacred treasure of the church. It cannot be touched by human hands. According to the ancient texts, this staff is not of this world, the reason beings only the guardian deity himself can hold it.
      • The staff contains buoyancy that reduced the gravitational pull being reduced which makes the staff become the material is light. There is a legend if your divine power into the staff it will output something that humans cannot do... (Floating!)
      • The medical God's Staff can change size into small or large, upon the user choice.
      • [Ability] Purification: The user can remove the darkness or evil from a person or objects, often including demons possessing it or mind control affecting it. The Medical God's staff helps bolster the abilities of many hold the most powerful is the "Purification". According to the archives, the Medical God used this staff to perform miracles. For ex; annihilating the evil spirit spreading miasma and suppressing an epidemic.
      • [Ability] Relief of Origin (Secours D' Origine): an ability that released Lichtenberg figure and the effect is to increase the patient's Lifeforce.
      • [Ability] Epidemic Destroying Sanctuary: A High-tier Holy magic that releases a bright light that removes miasma and suppresses an epidemic in the vicinity.
      • [Ability] Rain of Purification: A High tier of Holy magic that releases bright light in the vicinity upon casting this Ability, it creates the rain that acts as purification water that cleanses that removes miasm, a and suppresess all epidemic.
  • Amulet》: An Amulet that can harness God's power, If it wears it, those who does not hava shadow es not have to worry about such a troublesome situation. A Divine tool created for Falma for his situation being without a shadow. This tool was made to harness god's power.
  • God wand》: A wand that is used when using gods and has the effect of amplifying gods. The royal aristocrats who can use gods are always in possession, and Ellen says, "Aristocrats always wear a god wand" and "the second most important thing after the aristocrat's life." Normally, each person has one, but in some cases, Ellen's example is used as a collection, and melody's example is used to use multiple books depending on the purpose. Some god wands are fitted with crystal stones and are often used as a "god power meter" to store and release god power, but the god wand possessed by Melody is a crystal stone. May be used instead of a diamond cutter (glass cutter).


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The light novel and manga together have over 2,300,000 copies in print


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