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Parallel Paradise (パラレルパラダイス Parareru Paradaisu) is a Japanese transition-theme manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. It is a story about a high school student who lands in another world where mating with its female population is the key to saving the world.

The manga had been serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine magazine since March 2017, while Seven Seas Entertainment licensed it for English language on August 2019.


Youta Tada is an ordinary high school student who holds deep feelings for his childhood friend. But one day during class, he is suddenly attacked and seemingly killed by a mysterious scarecrow entity. Youta then wakes up and finds himself in an alternate world with castles, dragons and two colored moons in a purple sky. His first encounter is a paladin girl named Lumi who tells Youta he is the first man in centuries to appear in this women-only world. How would Youta survive in this fantastical world where all the females are able to fall for him through a single touch ?




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