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Next Life (ネクストライフ, Nekusutoraifu) is a Japanese Light Novel series written by Jin Aino with illustrations by Manyako and Saki Ukai. A manga adaptation with art by Tokage Ichikura is serialized in Shonen Ace as of May 26, 2017.


The genre is game world trip.

It is a story that the strongest hero plays an active part with overwhelming strength, and the struggle is only twice in the final stage. There are many heroines, but most of them are in the air. The content of the book version is completely different, and it is significantly weakened compared to the version that will be the main character.

It surprised the people of Thread because the level was so high that it was incomparable to the version with no text. As an aside, this seems to be the editorial policy of Hero Bunko, as the main character tends to be weakened or the enemy is strengthened in other works published by Hero Bunko.

In addition, the high circulation of 60,000 copies in the first edition became a hot topic. In Naro Thread, it is often called a "barista", which is derived from the overwhelming violence of the barista in the work.


Yamada Takashi lost his life in the snowy mountains — that is what he thought, but he then appeared in an unknown place; another world that looked like the game he played. Moreover there are many things that he doesn't know…. While puzzled, he still retains the strongest class ability and is relieved.

High rank magician, [Wise man] Marius is still living till today.

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List of published books

Web Novels:

Light Novels:

Jin Aino (Author) / Manyako & Saki Ukai (Illustrator), "Nekusutoraifu" SHUFUNOTOMO <Hero Bunko>, 17+ volume already published (as of March 31, 2021).

  1. Released date May 31, 2013 - ISBN 978-4-07-290392-6
  2. Released date October 30, 2013 - ISBN 978-4-07-292706-9
  3. Released date August 29, 2014 - ISBN 978-4-07-293781-5
  4. Released date September 29, 2014 - ISBN 978-4-07-299170-1
  5. Released date October 31, 2014 - ISBN 978-4-07-299571-6
  6. Released date November 29, 2014 - ISBN 978-4-07-410258-7
  7. Released date May 25, 2015 - ISBN 978-4-07-400432-4
  8. Released date August 31, 2015 - ISBN 978-4-07-402649-4
  9. Released date March 30, 2016 - ISBN 978-4-07-416189-8
  10. Released date September 30, 2016 978-4074200443
  11. Released date March 25, 2017 978-4074242085
  12. Released date August 31, 2017 978-4074273423
  13. Released date November 30, 2017 978-4074286201
  14. Released date September 28, 2018 978-4074347803
  15. Released date May 30, 2019 978-4074389896
  16. Released date October 31, 2019 978-4074409709
  17. Released date March 31, 2021 978-4074472215


Jin Aino (Original) / Manyako & Saki Ukai (Character draft) / Tokage Ichikura (Illustrator), "Nekusutoraifu" Shonen Ace <KADOKAWA>, 6+ volume already published (as of July 26, 2021).

  1. Released date November 25, 2017 - ISBN 978-4-0-4106204-3
  2. Released date June 26, 2018 - ISBN 978-4-04-107052-9
  3. Released date March 26, 2019 - ISBN 978-4-04-107611-8
  4. Released date October 26, 2019 - ISBN 978-4-04-108484-7
  5. Released date July 21, 2020 - ISBN 978-4-04-108485-4
  6. Released date July 26, 2021 - ISBN 978-4-04-111710-1


Reincarnated as the strongest player "Marius Toburn" of VRMMORPG "Fantasy Adventure Online" that the main character, Takashi Yamada was working on, the world view of the work, the detailed settings such as the magic grade are the same, but the main character The route that he follows is very different, and the story begins when he meets a beautiful girl, Annette, in a strange forest. Annette lives with the monsters Kobolts and Orcs, and her hero also lives with twists and turns.

Ben of Kobold spends calm days for about two months, teaching words to the main character and Duran of Orc working diligently to take care of everyone, but one day, a group chasing Annette appears and tells a story. Is a sudden change. It's exciting to see why she's being targeted, why Kobolts and Orcs protect her, and how her protagonist survives this pinch.

In a different world of swords and magic, a second life begins as a high-ranking wizard, Marius. Marius became Schneider's wizard to find out why Annette was being chased. Pedra, a mysterious beauty near Michael, the lord of the Schneider family, notices Marius's magical power and invites her to her laboratory. Marius and his group, who defeated Pedra, the demon of Arlaune who was chasing Annette, decided to head for the city of humans.

Duran and Ben also impersonate humans with the magic of Marius, and the four of them look for a job to earn a living. To go to the Kingdom of Wester, where Marius and his party are hiring a monster tamer, they first head to the Duchy of Wigaro, Kingdom of Holdia. There, Marius encounters a scene where Princess Asteria is bathing !?

Status & skill

The next thing he will do is check whether he can actually use magic. Magic is divided into thirteen types and each type has twelve different skills under them. Marius however is able to use all of the magic. That is the reason he is called Marius the 「Wise Man」, he is the highest level 【Wizard】 in the game and all these character skills Lv10.


  • A supernatural phenomenon that is activated by converting the magical power in the body. From the first grade to the twelfth grade, with the special grade (forbidden curse) at the top. The current system was conveyed by the "wise man" Melinda Gilford.
  • The "flame yo" part is a chanting, and the name "fire" is a lyrics, A combination of chanting and lyrics is called a spell. If you omit the chanting, you omit the chanting, if you omit the lyrics, you do not sing, and if you omit only the lyrics, the lyrics are discarded. The world view that you can complain to Melinda.


  • In the game, a higher-ranking job can be achieved by experiencing multiple witch-related jobs. One of the popular jobs is to learn many powerful skills such as reduction of consumption magic power, an increase of recovery magic power, improvement of magic power, complete invalidation of confusion, etc. By the way, since he is a wise man and has one job, it is correct to treat Marius as having only one job.

A systematic magic that Marius is good at and the power of a spell that invokes will increase as twice or more, because of the system of the previous game he played the status isn't existed in the new world only apply to Marius. He is good at combining two to three spells or more (《Dimension Shield》 + 《Flight》+《Megiddo》) in battle giving him a unique style in battle and destructive method.

Marius can do a tactic used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized, and method that he uses reasoning and common sense of danger with regards to the study of base logic and facts.

Name: 【Wise Man】 Marius Touban Skill: 《Appraisal Lv10》《Detection Lv10》《Magic Proficiency Lv10》
《Magic Affinity (All) Lv10》《Elemental Resistance Lv10》
《Mana Manipulation Lv10》《Teleport Lv10》
《Physical Enhancement Lv10》《Defensive Enhancement Lv10》
《Intuition Lv10》《Awareness Lv10)》《Enchanting Lv10》
《Awareness Lv10》《Abnormal Status Resistance Lv10》
《Evasion Lv10》《VigilanceLv10》《ArithmeticLv10》
Level: 228 [?]
HP: 33,000 [?]
MP: 86.000 [?]
Unique Skill 《Akashic Records》
「Robes of hell」- Event item
Effect: Magic Resistance
「Dragon God Wand」- Unique item
Effect: The effect of using the Dragon God Wand as a tool is to improve the magical range.
「Ring of God」- Event item.
Effect: Allowing Chantless magic without stripping its power when activated, moreover since cast severity was absent, it was an item that annihilated a magician's weakness.
「Angel necklace」- Unique item.
Effect: Abnormal Resistance + MP Recovery
「Devil's Black Wand」 The strongest equipment for wizards. It is a mistake to think that the hero is the strongest and has a turn.
Effect: [Devil's Weapon series] it give boasts an absolute attack power against magical attributes. The balance breaker of balance breaker, was the only modification of the operation that lined up extra items that did not consider game balance.
  • Unique Skill:
    • Akashic Records── is a god's power, that have a knowledge of compendium of pictorial records, or “memories,” of all world events, actions, thoughts, Magic, words [language], emotions and feelings that have occurred since the beginning of time. It is AI that able to assist of everything the handler needed, it can tell the information intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human.
    • Marius obtained this power after defeating the Evil God Tindalos.
  • Magic:
    • 《Fire》《Flame》《Fire Storm》《Exharatio》
    • 《Fireball》: It was the lowest skill under the 【Fire magic】 category. He cast it nonchalantly however the fire coming out from his staff is colored white.
    • 《Water》《Water ball》《Blizzard》《Ice Javelin》《Aqua Shield》
    • 《Wind》: While imaging casting breeze from the 12th-class magic, a gust occurs from his right hand.
    • 《Wind Slasher》《Homing》《Stealth》《Reflection》《Life Drain》《Telescope》《Resurrection》
    • 《Tornitus》 The 1st-class of the lightning-system AOE annihilation magic, Several tens of pale lightning occurs, beating the opponent and it continuously casting.
    • 《Congelatio》 The space began to freeze. Enormous masses of mist ice appeared in the sky, confining the opponent.
    • 《Slow》: It is magic to decelerate the subject's speed. If the object is falling, the falling speed can be reduced up to the point it is deemed to be slow motioned.
    • 《Detoxification》《Levitate》《Silence》《Vacuum》《Bind》《Plasma Blast》《Dispel》《Trace》《Magic Shield》《Camouflage》
    • 《Magic Sensor》 allows one to sense the surrounding's magic energy.
    • 《Scan》 was located in the 10th-class, magic that specialized in grasping the enemy status.
    • 《Crimson Blaze》 was an AOE magic located in the 5th-class. If the existence of level 150 or higher at least can withstand the power of one attack.
    • 《Telepathy》《Examine》《Cure》《Stun》《Reflection》《Earth Javelin》 《Conjuration》《Teleport》《Warp》《Divine Shield》
    • 《Thunder》《Thunder Rain》《Maelstrom 》
    • 《Dimension Shield》《Heal》《High Heal》《Cure》《Cure All》《Growth》《Attach》《Refrain》《Smash》
    • 《Strong》 body strength by the use of magic
    • 《Neutral》 it is neutralized and nullified by Melinda's magic
    • 《Durability》 It is inferior to "Strengthless/Strong" in that it strengthens muscle strength, but it is versatile auxiliary magic that can also strengthen magic resistance.
    • 《Light》 light ball about fist-sized to illuminate his surroundings
    • 《Éclair》 Tier 1 Lightning magic
    • 《Warp》 The Space-and-time-system magic, Warp. The user transferred to a visible surrounding, located in 7th-class magic for emergency avoidance for magicians.
    • 《Flight》 Levitate” was simply magic to float an object while “Flight” was flying magic.
    • 《Hallucination》 Illusion Magic that manipulates the refractive index of light to form an illusion.
    • 《Dimension Shield》《Evaporation》《Barrier Magic: Visema》《Mana Injection Mana Over drive》《Libido Absorption》
    • 《Synthetic magic》 It is an ultra-high technology that fuses magic that is different from synthetic magic, dramatically boosts its power, and duplicates its effects.
    • 《Another Room》 creates a storage place in a different space.
    • 《Slumber Mist》 A wide range of sleep magic. A light blue mist blows out from Marius's body, and in a blink of an eye, the area around the fort can be swept in.
    • 《Laser》 A compress magic of the user and release, a thick beam, which should have been compressed but is likely to be several centimeters in diameter, was shot into the sky, shining and disappearing.
    • 《Hydrovale》 The water-based auxiliary magic "Hydrovale" covers the whole body with mist-like water and significantly reduces the flame attack, and the water-based defense magic.
    • 《Annihilation》 The black five-row light swirls from Marius's whole body and blows like a gust of wind. A ruined black wind that has buried the endurance of all defensive magic. There is a limit to the extent of the magical power of the caster, but the strongest and worst magic of special grade magic that touches and extinguishes all beings ... That is "annihilation". As long as the magical power of the caster reaches, all the beings touched will be extinguished indiscriminately. It cannot reach the sun, but if it does, it is terrifying that irreparable situations will not occur.
    • 《Ixosism》 purification magic. If the magic is just to purify the undead, a clean white light that purifies the immortal attacks the undead like a great flood.
    • 《Radius》 the light that simply purifies the immortal, the light of "Radius" is accompanied by physical destruction.
    • 《Inspiration》 a spell that doesn't allow the opponent to escape by pressuring them into the ground canceling warp magic to preventing for escape.
    • 《Star Rain》<Stars running in heaven, put together the power of condemnation. Become my mallet and shoot him down> As the name suggests, the strongest earth-based magic "Star Rain" is special-grade magic that causes small meteorites to fall like rain.
    • 《Vajra》 thunder-based special-grade magic. It released a dozen thunder god's spear that strike with full-face.
    • 《Absolute Zero》 A spell that blows the cold air that freezes everything in the path.
    • 《Agni》<God's star in heaven and illuminating the world, descend to the earth and be a blow of condemnation> a special-grade magic of the flame system, explodes. The fire of God, which burns everything down, swallows the opponent and its attacks.
    • 《Elysium》 It is a forbidden curse of the light system. who is an evil god and uses the power of the dark system, but the enemy was still alive even when the sharp light disappeared.
    • 《Jaguar Note》 Marius's visual illusion, the dog is the evil god who is putting the world on the brink of destruction. In the expressions of explosion and roar, lukewarm and terrible sounds roar all around, and Marius involuntarily closes both ears with his hands.
    • 《Megiddo》 The storm of attacks was so fierce that Marius instinctively sympathized to the opponent, a momentarily screams in agony and retreats, bathed in a terrifying black flame.
    • 《Umvra》 Marius's eyes become a point. I knew the effect of neutral, but it was unexpected to use it for such a defense method. It is even more so that the forbidden curse can be prevented.
  • Summoned:
    • Zophie, The traitor [Succubus]
      • Rubens's demon → Marius's summoned beast… ── A Succubus with big breasts and full of sex appeal. A brain muscle that is rare for a Succubus. For those who really want to serve. Zophie battle technique is use of disappearing and hiding in the shadow, and it is suddenly defeated from behind. The combination of the two skills of "blocking the sign" and "shadow swim" caused the man to fall silently.
    • Al, and El. [Succubus]
      • Subordinates of Zophie.


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