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Meccha Shoukan sareta Ken (めっちゃ召喚された件, Summoned to a Parallel Fantasy World Many Times) is a Japanese light novel series written by Saitousa and illustrated by Tsugutoku and is based on the light novels of the same name. The light novel series was adapted into a manga series with illustrations by Mukojima, Kamome and Serialization by MAGCOMI, with 4+ volumes released as of July 30, 2020.


Guy's whole class gets summoned to another word, except he's the only who one was transferred to a different one. Just when he gets used to his new life, he gets summoned to another world again, and again.


High school student Takafuji Prairie is summoned to another world with her classmates. When I thought that her new life would start from now on, the magic circle appeared again at the feet of Prairie !? It was summoned to another world without saying whether it was there or not! Then, it is summoned to another world, etc ... After repeated summons, what remained in the hands of Prairie was the hero-class mass cheat ability.


Light Novels:

Saitousa (Author) / Tsugutoku (Illustrator), "Meccha Shoukan sareta Ken" MAG Garden <Became a Novelist>, 2 volume already published (as of March March 10, 2020).

  1. Released date October 10, 2019 - ISBN 978-4800008985
  2. Released date March 10, 2020 - ISBN 978-4800009449


Saitousa (Author) / Tsugutoku (Character draft) / Mukojima, Kamome (Illustrator), "Meccha Shoukan sareta Ken" MAGCOMI <MAG Garden>, 4+ volume already published (as of May 13, 2022).

  1. Released date November 13, 2020 - ISBN 978-4800010315
  2. Released date June 14, 2021 - ISBN 978-4800011039
  3. Released date November 12, 2021 - ISBN 978-4800011480
  4. Released date May 13, 2022 - ISBN 978-4800012135


Takfuji Inori the main protagonist from Meccha Shoukan Sareta Ken series, that he summoned to another world with his whole class, but an unknown phenomenon Inori was suddenly summoned back to the goddess of Transmigration, without knowing what happen. High school student Takafuji Prairie Inori is summoned to another world with his classmates. When I thought that a new life would start from now on, the magic circle appeared again at the feet of Prairie !? I was summoned to another world without saying whether or not it was there! Then, it is summoned to another world, etc ... After repeated summons, what remained in the hands of Prairie was the hero-class mass cheat ability.


Takfuji Prairie Inori is very lazy and carefree person. But when the time comes in battle he able to understand and dominate in battle, a personality that can change through drastically when the situation is needed, and he able to manipulate people in his surroundings even additional effect of the stats that he have of intelligence able to close deal a simple problem.


A strong soul is required to transcend the world, and the reason Takafuji Inori was summoned multiple times is because he has a strong soul that is rarely, very strong. It’s not about being a good person. It’s simply a matter of ego.

The skill of Inori are carried out without any regard to the new world's rules. Inori's existence defies the law of the world. Inori is a good at Hypothetical Reasoning when in battle he can able to manipulate someone in his own deed's with this inference with regards to the logic and common sense knowledge; however, the one Inori used together with simple facts and logic of elimination, for this nothing more than methods of reasoning.

  • Improvement of growth》: Upward corrections are made for all abilities, levels, and skills. It also breaks through the limits of the race. ── Remarks: Always activated skill. There will also be an upward revision to the acquisition of skills. The amount of increase in status due to level up is (HP: 100/MP: 1000/STR: 100/VIT: 100/DEX: 100/AGI: 100/INT: 200)
  • Half → A Quarter Experience Required
  • Magic Eye of Vision》: A magic eye that see everything. Remarks: Each ability can be used together. It is a skill that is always activated, but it can be activated arbitrarily depending on the ability within the skill. The content of [Appraisal] changes depending on whether the object is an object or a living thing. Both genus are written.
    • Microscopic (Can see small things in full detail)
    • Night Vision (No matter how dark, you can still see)
    • Appraisal (Can display the status of humans and the specifics of objects)
    • Second Sight <Farsight> (Can see things far away in a 3rd person bird eyes view to 400km → 800km)
    • Disillusionment (Can destroy illusions)
    • See Through (Can see past physical objects)
    • Other Ray Vision (Can see invisible light rays)
    • Photographic Memory (Can record everything seen like an film)
  • Magic Eye of Formation》: You can transfer the magic circle that you see with your eyes to your eyes and activate the magic circle from your viewpoint at any time. In this case, MP consumption is one tenth, and it can be executed without chanting. The number of stocks is one. It can be overwritten by looking at another magic circle and transferring it.
    • Advance Mental Interference Magic
    • Summon Magic (only for himself) [ ── In summary, hypnotic eye and viewpoint transfer. Summoning magic consumes 2000 MP.]
  • 5x → 10x Gained Exp》: The experience value for killing a creature is five times the amount that you should be able to get. Also, in the training for skill acquisition, the experience value to be entered will be five times. ── Remarks: A constant activation skill that is activated in combination with "Growth Improvement".
  • Hated of the Sun God》: Given to races of the night that go against God. All Stats reduced by 90% → 85% during the day. Restricted skills Usage. Remarks: The abilities that can be used during the day are [Magic Eye of Vision] Only the full power of and the shadow space of [True Dark Magic]. Always activated skill.
  • Weapon Creation System》: Using magic, you can produce weapons from their raw materials. After deciding on the form from your own image of it, the materials will be corrected into completion. Depending on your knowledge, it is also possible to grant abilities. (In this case, it will require more magical power). ── Remarks: If you think the main character is a weapon, you can cultivate most things. Since elemental level forging is not possible, substances cannot be extracted from the material. The abilities that can be added at present are "Dark curing", "Crystallization", "Curing", "Reduction", and "Regeneration". Adding darkness makes it black, and adding blood makes it red and black.
    • Black Dagger [Dark Silver Dagger Knife]
    • Black Thread
    • Gleipnir [Quality: A+]: A Black chain, but it is the chain/binding in Norse mythology.
      • Effect: [Shadow Hardening] [Crystallization] [Hardening] [Size Reduction] [Shock Absorption]
    • Jet-black gloves [Quality: A]: A jet-black glove made by knitting Gleipnir on black thread. It becomes hard in response to magical power. It's very durable and won't be torn or torn. There is no shock absorption capacity. The magic circle is engraved in white on the back of the hand.
      • Effect: [Shadow Hardening] [Crystallization] [Hardening] [Size Reduction]
  • True Dark Magic》: The pinnacle of dark magic. Grants maximum Efficiency for dark magic. Allows you to use dark magic without chants and with absolute freedom. Allows you to barrow Shiina's knowledge. MP is greatly improved. It has excellent versatility and consumes much less MP.
    • Shadow Space
    • Shadow walk: A Dark magic that allows diving into the shadow.
    • Takfuji Prairie Inori [True Form]

      Domination [Control]: A magic that allows controlling objects with dark magic. ── Evolve: The speedup of "dominance" is still wondering how fast it has become. Perhaps "dominance" during combat may also be incorporated. Until now, there was no choice but to "dominate" in advance.
  • Baron → Viscount → Count Class Authority》: The effects of the vampire’s weaknesses are lessened. Also, the undead who are lower than Baron Class can be made into manservants. ── Remarks: Even if you eat garlic in direct sunlight, you will feel uncomfortable. The only undead that can be obeyed is the corpse demon created by Inori. Arbitrary activation skill.
    • Genus: [Wolves] & etc
Fenrir 300 years old Male wolf phantom beast
White → Basic black, white around the mouth and abdomen Scars on both eye
HP 40500/40500
MP 12600/12600
STR 10130
VIT 9400
DEX 5200
AGI 9100
INT 4210
Skill: Title:
《King's Vessel》
Ash Wolf King
Fallen King
Vampire genus
Aaliyah 18-year-old Female Human → Demon [vampire]
Light brown hair → black hair straight blue eyes → red eyes
Height 161 cm Slender Not small (don't say anything)
HP 1500/1500
MP 10480/10480
STR 1240
VIT 850
DEX 12350
AGI 1560
INT 8920
Blessing: Title:
《Witch's Blood》
Rising Sun Kingdom, Princess Tragedy, Princess Doll, Princess,
Vampire's servant, Princess of the exiled country
Armed: Zetsuzoku Black Tachi [Quality SSS] [Price 1000000000]
Effect: [Absolute Slash]
[Regeneration Growth]
Modified Ancient Weapon Artif. Discovered from ancient ruins and later remodeled.
Made with lost technology. By pouring magical power, it becomes a sword that cuts everything.
While pouring magical power, it slashes and crushes anything that touches the blade, regardless of the force that is shaken.
The blade itself is also strengthened, and it regenerates and grows by sucking blood.
  • Bloodsucking》: When you drink a living being’s blood, you can recover your HP and MP. Also, all of your statuses will increase. If you drink a lethal amount of blood from that living being, it will become a ghoul. If you drink a lethal amount from a virgin human and you insert your own blood, they will become your servant vampire. If they aren’t a virgin, they will become a ghoul. After you kill a living being, if you fill them with your blood, they can be transformed into your underling. By completely drinking all of their blood, you can also obtain their memories. ── Remarks: The amount of recovery of HP & MP is a ratio of 1: 1 to the amount of HP & MP sucked. When HP & MP is the maximum value, it raises the status like any other status. STR/VIT/DEX/AGI/INT all raises one-hundredth of the status of the person who sucked blood. The demon has no will. Organized creatures have a will and become absolutely obedient to the hero. The vampire who became a servant has a certain degree of the free will of things that can not go against the command of the hero. Also, the vampire who became a servant gets a part of the memory of the hero. Organized creatures and vampires who have become servants tend to change the color of their hair to black. The genus can dive in the shadows, but the servant cannot. Even if the genus dies, it will be revived, but the servant cannot.
  • Plunder》: By completely drinking all of your target’s blood, you can steal their skills. If they don’t have any skills, any preeminent ability they have can be converted into a skill and then stolen. It does not matter if it is a general skill or an individual skill. ── Remarks: Only one skill can be stolen. Activates at the same time as "Blood Sucking".
  • 《Detection[Blessing]: You can detect the signs of creatures as far as you can recognize them. In addition, a warning bell sounds when the danger of life is approaching. Significant correction of sign detection, magic detection, eyesight, hearing, smell, and sixth sense. ── Remarks: Since it is a blessing of this world, there are countermeasures in this world.
  • Level Up》: When you kill a living being, you will obtain experience and in proportion to the amount of experience, your level will rise.
  • Skill Acquisition》: If you constantly build your proficiency towards a set action, depending on your proficiency you can learn a skill. ── Remarks: The outline is the same as [Level Up].
  • Subordinate alternative》: You can replace the HP & MP of your genus and servant with my status.

General Skill:

《Swordsmanship Lv.9》《Secret Technique Lv.10》《Throwing Technique Lv.10》《Short Swordsmanship Lv.10》《Jump Kick Lv.10》《Scam Lv.9》《Trap Release Lv.6》《Flying Lv.8》《Trap installation Lv.9》《Biting Lv.10》《Jumping Lv.10》《Avoidance Lv.9》《Attitude control Lv.9》《Thought Lv.10》《Arrow Lv.4》《Candle Art Lv.3》《Fist Lv.5》《Skill Lv.3》《Shielding Lv.5》《Sword Lv.4》《Spear Lv.5》《Shooting Lv.10》《Fire Magic Lv.1》《Water magic Lv.1》《Wind magic Lv.1》《Earth magic Lv.1》《Light magic Lv.1》《Dark magic Lv.1》《Magic operation Lv.2》《Armor art Lv.3》《Walking method Lv.4》 《Assassination Lv.10》《Arctic Lv.6》《Cooking Lv.4》《Cleaning Lv.4》《Washing Lv.3》《Transportation Lv.4》《Sewing Lv.4》《Service Lv.3》 《Business Lv.4》《Memorization Lv.8》《Memorization Lv.8》《Care Lv.3》《Plot Lv.8》《Draft Lv.3》《Quick Brush Lv.3》《Agricultural Lv.3》《Parallel Thinking Lv.10》《Quick Reading Lv.3》《Magic Lv.3》《Drinking Lv.5》《Sexual Skill Lv.8》《Thinking Acceleration Lv.10》《Space Grasp Lv.10》《Feast Lv.3》《Pen Turn Lv.3》《Board Game Lv.3》《Bet Lv.3》《Good Luck Lv.5》《Bad Lv.5》《Woman's Phase Lv.4 》《Painting Lv.3》《Performance Lv.3》《Architecture Lv.6》《Singing Lv.3》《Dance Lv.5》《Court Ritual Lv.3》《Poker Face Lv.7》《Repeat Side Jump Lv.4》《Shrinked Land Lv.5》《Fast Shooting Lv.10》《Two Swords Lv.5》《Binding Lv.6》《Nampa Lv.5》 《Wink Lv.3》 《Smiley Lv.5》《Patience Lv.4》《Fear resistance Lv.3》《Pain-blocking Lv.8》《Poison resistance Lv.8》《Attractive resistance Lv.5》《Heat resistance Lv.4》《Physical resistance Lv.5》《Cold resistance Lv.4》《Action prediction Lv.5》《Discontinuation Lv.5》《Transformation Lv.2》《Crazy Lv.10》《God Tool Lv.1》《Summon Lv.1》 《Riding Lv.1》《Ground vein prediction Lv.4》《Intimidation Lv.3》《Meditation Lv.2》

Unique Skill:


  • You can correct your subordinate's abilities. As well as advance their intellectual capabilities, which in turn allows them to communicate with each other more smoothly. Remarks: Enables conversation and telepathy between the main character and the genus. ── Evolve: Increase the ability of subordinates


  • You can embody the Extreme regions of martial arts. Remarks: Skills acquired from Aegiana. Since the experience of the main character has not caught up with the skill, it will shift to the automatic battle mode. ── Evolve: It seems that a function called programming has been added.


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  • Gleipnir is the chain/binding in norse mythology used to tie up Fenrir, the wolf.