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Kemono Michi (けものみち lit. "Animal Path") is a Japanese manga based on Natsume Akatsuki and drawn by Mosuke Mattaku and Yumeuta . Mosuke Mattaku is in charge of character design and character drawing  , and Yumeuta is in charge of the name, background, etc.  . Serialized in the January 2017 issue of " Monthly Shonen Ace " (KADOKAWA).

The manga has been serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Shōnen Acemanga magazine since November 2016.

An anime TV series adaptation titled Kemono Michi: Rise Up (旗揚!けものみち Hataage! Kemonomichi) was produced by ENGI studio and aired from October to December 2019.

Kemono Michi Logo.jpg


Genzo Shibata , also known as " Kemono Mask", a masked professional wrestler who likes beasts , is suddenly summoned to another world before the start of the game (in the middle of the game in the anime version). Genzo is asked by the princess shrine maiden to "defeat the Demon King and the Demon Beast." However, Genzo, who was angry at being asked to exterminate the beast, escaped from the castle with a German Suplex by the princess.

Saved the wolf beast girl Sigre from debt collectors in the city, saved money as a "demon beast hunter" who can tame without killing the demon beast, and opened the pet shop "Kemo no Michi" which has been a long-cherished desire since the wrestler era. (In the anime version, the fund-raising stage before the store opens). However, in a different world, there is no pet culture, and because the pets with Genzo are not let go, the store is in a state where old birds are singing.

At such a pet shop "Kemo no Michi" that continues to be in the red, Hanako , a big-eating dragon girl, is hired as a clerk as a salary, and her vampire Carmilla is also present as a follower, and every day is noisy and covered with beasts. Is unfolded.


Another work by Natsume Akatsuki, Blessed in this wonderful world! The reason for this work was that KADOKAWA sent a request to serialize the manga at the time when the first period of the TV anime was being broadcast.

When Mosuke Mattaku and Yumeuta nominated Natsume Akatsuki as the original author, this work was born as a result of combining what Yumeuta wanted to draw, what Yumeuta wanted to draw, and what Akatsuki wanted to draw . The title "Kemo no Michi" was selected from among the title candidates prepared by the three people and the editor in charge.

First of all, after reading the plot and simple character settings, I drew a rough design of Genzo, Sigre, and Hiroyuki, and then based on the content discussed by the four people, I brushed the character design including Hanako and Carmilla. The up was done.

At all, Akatsuki respected the intentions of the person in charge of drawing, so he asked only the important settings in advance, and after that, he consulted with Yumeuta and the editor in charge to confirm the contents of the design. In response to an interview with, he recalls that there were few requests for improvement .

Akatsuki cites Sigre as a character who had a hard time showing it, and cites being a Tsukkomi and a common sense person as the reason . She cites Sigre as a character who had a hard time designing at all, and although the editor pointed out that it was sober, she recalled that she was in trouble because the order was too abstract .

Also, in the first episode, the scene where Chemoner Mask set German Suplex on Altena was prepared from the stage of plotting. Akatsuki replied in an interview that this happened as a result of preparing a sex appeal scene because he got a color page at the beginning of the first episode about the background of introducing this scene.

Bibliographic information

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TV Anime

From October to December 2019, at AT-X and others, " Flag! It was broadcast under the title of " Kemono Michi " (Kemono Michi: Rise Up). After each episode was broadcast, a mini-corner "This Week's Kemo no Michi" was broadcast and distributed on the same station, AbemaTV , and YouTube by Super Sasadango Machine and DDT Pro-Wrestling players.

In making the animation, the elements of the original animation such as talking about the story before the opening of the pet shop and strengthening the professional wrestling color are becoming larger  .


  • Original- Natsume Akatsuki
  • Manga- Mosuke Mattaku , Yumeuta
  • Director- Kazuya Miura
  • Series composition- Toko Machida
  • Character design and animation director --Tomoka Noumi
  • Art supervision-Minoru Onishi
  • Art setting-Ryu Sakamoto
  • Art Director-Kyoko Haruna
  • Color design-Ayako Aihara
  • Cinematographer-Hisashi Matsumukai
  • Edit --IMAGICA Lab.  , Rina Oguchi
  • Music- Shunsuke Takizawa
  • Sound Director- Toshiki Kameyama
  • Sound production- Glovision
  • Music Producer-Shunichi Uemura
  • Music production- Nippon Columbia
  • Producers-Takashi Tachizaki, Kenichi Tokumura, Manami Kabashima, Norifumi Ikeuchi, Soujiro Arimizu, Hiroyasu Taniguchi
  • Animation Producers-Hiroshi Yoshioka, Keiichi Ando
  • Animation production --ENGI
  • Cooperation- DDT Pro Wrestling
  • Production --Kemono Michi Production Committee  (KADOKAWA, Sammy, CA-Cygames Anime Fund, AT-X , Kadokawa Media House, Nippon Columbia)

Theme song

"Fight! Chemoner Mask"

  • Opening theme by NoB with Chemoner Mask (Katsuyuki Konishi). TRYTONELABO is involved in the production of the music, and Mitsu is in charge of the lyrics, Takaaki Utsumi is in charge of the composition, and TAKT is in charge of the arrangement.

"Anek Dot"

  • Momosumomosu The ending theme by writing, composing, arranging, and singing.

An anime adaptation was announced by Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine on January 18, 2019. It was later announced that the adaptation would be a television series titled Kemono Michi: Rise Up (旗揚!けものみち, Hataage! Kemonomichi, translation: "Launching business! animal trail"), with animation by ENGI. The series was directed by Kazuya Miura, with Touko Machida handling the series composition, and Tomoka Noumi designing the characters. It aired from October 2 to December 18, 2019 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, TVA, KBS, SUN, and BS11. It was also streamed on AbemaTV. NoB and Katsuyuki Konishi performed the series' opening theme song "Fight! Kemona Mask" (!ケモナーマスク), while Momosumomosu performed the series' ending theme song "Anecdote" (アネクドット). Funimation has licensed the series for a SimulDub.

No. Title  Original air date
1 "Wrestler × Summoning"

Transcription: "Resurā × Shōkan" (Japanese: レスラー × 召喚)

October 2, 2019
Professional masked wrestler Genzō Shibata fights his wrestling rival Macadamian Ogre, known professionally as MAO, for the title of World Champion but plans to retire immediately afterwards to open a pet shop. Genzō is suddenly summoned to a fantasy world by Princess Altena Elgard Ratis who asks him to become a Hero and help defeat the Demon Lord by killing evil beasts infesting the kingdom. Genzō, an animal lover, refuses by performing a German suplex on the Princess, knocking her out and exposing her panties before fleeing. In the city criminal beastman siblings Misha and Wolfgang, plan to capture and sell Genzō as a slave. Genzō, being obsessed with animals, overpowers Wolfgang so he can nuzzle his fur. Edgar, another nearby criminal, plans to enslave a wolf-girl named Shigure so Genzō defeats Edgar with another German Suplex and rescues Shigure, who explains she owed Edgar money and offered herself as a slave to pay the debt. Edgar plans to steal Genzō’s dog, Hiroyuki, to get revenge. Shigure takes Genzō to the Hunters Guild to earn money through job requests. The guild master, assuming Genzō to be a perverted lunatic, sends him to kill dangerous Cerberuses, but Genzō instead overpowers and tames the whole pack, earning the nickname Beast Killer. Genzō decides that rather than kill evil beasts he will capture and sell them as pets. The money obsessed Shigure decides to join him in running his pet shop, along with a giant ant beast Genzō seemingly befriended from nowhere.
2 "Quest × Demon Beast Killer"

Transcription: "Kuesuto × Majūgoroshi" (Japanese: クエスト × 魔獣殺し)

October 9, 2019
Genzō and Shigure need money to buy a shop to sell beasts in, plus Shigure still owes Edgar money. Genzō hears another hunter call him “Beast-Killer” and throws him through a wall as he hates the nickname. Genzō decides to catch a fire breathing Salamander and is asked by Heat Haze, the guilds strongest warrior, to join his team; however Genzō knocks him out after learning they plan on killing the Salamander while Shigure “finds” Heat Haze’s valuable sword and plans to sell it. Genzō easily adds the Salamander to his beast collection and collects the reward. Shigure pays her debt to Edgar while Wolfgang remains terrified of Genzō. Elsewhere the noble half human/half dragon girl, Lindabrea Fafnir Gildmerag, grows bored with beast meat and runs away to try other foods. Genzō continues to increase his beast collection, making acquiring a shop more urgent, and accepts a lucrative job to deal with Orcs stealing crops. Lindabrea’s vampire maid, Carmilla Vanstein, learns Lindabrea is missing. Genzō travels to the orc stronghold and challenges their king. After an evenly matched fight Genzō wins using his trademark German Suplex, earning the kings respect who promises to keep his Orcs away from humans in the future. Using his reward money Genzō purchases a shop but fails to secure the bank loan needed to start running it as a business. Lindabrea appears in town.
3 "Runaway Girl × Attacker"

Transcription: "Iedeshōjo × Shūgekisha" (Japanese: 家出少女 × 襲撃者)

October 16, 2019
Genzō starts preparing to open his pet shop with Shigure and his ant beast friend but finds that without the bank loan feeding the pets is impossibly expensive. Genzō finds Lindabrea in his garden and is forced to feed her to stop her trying to eat his dog, Hiroyuki. Genzō hears a rumour a dragon has been attacking people and decides to capture it, also knocking out Heat Haze for planning to kill the dragon, while Shigure “finds” Heat Haze’s new sword, Dáinsleif. Genzō dons his wrestlers outfit and sets a trap which accidentally catches Lindabrea. He is spotted by hunters who assume he is a masked pervert kidnapping a little girl. They are confronted by Carmilla, who also assumes Genzō is a pervert kidnapper. Genzō’s wrestler strength proves superior and he overpowers Carmilla before fleeing. At the shop Lindabrea explains her family are one of four noble families who directly serve the Demon King. Carmilla appears again but doesn’t recognise Genzō without his mask. Following Shigure’s advice Genzō neutralises Carmilla with holy water and garlic while Lindabrea explains her food based reason for running away. After she asks to stay Genzō hires her to work in the shop and nicknames her Hanako as it is easier to pronounce. When Genzō discovers the dragon attacking people was actually Carmilla sucking their blood he German Suplexes her.
4 "Demon Beast × Part-Time Job"

Transcription: "Majū × Baito" (Japanese: 魔獣 × バイト)

October 23, 2019
Princess Altena, who summoned Genzō, is furious that ever since Genzō exposed her panties her soldiers and priests no longer respect her and call her Princess Buttocks behind her back. Shigure despairs as all the shops money is being spent on Hanako’s food, Carmilla’s alcohol and pet food. They are visited by a bank representative who informs them their loan will be denied unless they can provide the down payment. Genzō forces everyone to earn money any way they can, though ends up driving Shigure mad when their antics cost more money than they earned. After Shigure asks the guild master for help Genzō is sent to hunt a Griffin and once again knocks out Heat Haze for planning to kill the Griffin while Shigure once again “finds” his new Holy Sword, Durendal. Genzō learns griffin parents force their babies to fight, only raising the strongest to adulthood and abandoning the weakest to die. So he steals the weakest to become its new parent but is quickly knocked out and only survives because Hanako managed to carry him home. Carmilla, who was killed and eaten by one of the adults, is buried in Genzō’s garden to resurrect. The baby griffin rapidly grows to its adult size, increasing their pet food bill, though Shigure is less concerned than normal since she recently earned a small fortune by selling all of Heat Hazes “lost” swords.
5 "Animal Mask × MAO"

Transcription: "Kemonā Masuku × MAO" (Japanese: ケモナーマスク × MAO)

October 30, 2019
Macadamian Ogre, known professionally as MAO, had spent his wrestling career always losing to Genzō only for Genzō to disappear during the championship. MAO is enraged their rivalry is left unfinished but eventually becomes depressed and refuses to wrestle anyone except Genzō. Shigure forces Genzō to take on a new job so Misha and Wolfgang take advantage of his absence to finally steal his dog, Hiroyuki. Edgar later finds Misha and Wolfgang beaten up as their theft of Hiroyuki was foiled by Genzō’s ant beast friend, leaving Wolfgang with phobias of both Genzō and ants. Genzō loses interest in the hunt after discovering their targets are plant based Mandrakes, and the hunt fails completely when Genzō is distracted fighting with Carmilla and Hanako eats all the Mandrake’s. Genzō learns about Hiroyuki almost being stolen and punishes Wolfgang with his wrestling, impressing nearby citizens. Their applause makes Genzō nostalgic about his previous matches against MAO. MAO is unable to get past his Genzō obsession but is suddenly summoned to the same fantasy world by Joanna, the Princess of the Vampires, who received permission from the Demon King to summon another Demon King from the alternate world to defeat the hero summoned by Princess Altena. He introduces himself as MAO, or "Demon King" in Japanese.
6 "Loser × Master"

Transcription: "Ponkotsu × Goshujin-sama" (Japanese: ポンコツ × ご主人様)

November 6, 2019
Based on his use of his wrestling name, MAO, Joanna and her court mistakenly confirm MAO is an actual Demon King from an alternate world. MAO is ecstatic to discover the hero they want him to defeat is Genzō. Joanna reveals that her desire is to defeat Hanako, with whom she has a longstanding childhood rivalry that culminated in Hanako violently beating up both Joanna and her Higher Vampire maid, Rose. Joanna wanted to replace Carmilla with a vampire maid under her control, thus gaining an advantage over Hanako, so she had Rose defeat and humiliate Carmilla to prove Carmilla unworthy of serving Hanako. After Hanako admitted defeat on Carmilla’s behalf she then avenged that defeat by defeating both Joanna and Rose, humiliating them both and foiling Joanna’s plot. After hearing how Hanako ran away Joanna is convinced Hanako wants to find and defeat the Hero to gain glory and so she summoned MAO to defeat the Hero first. Meanwhile Hanako happily reminisces about how useless Carmilla is while watching Genzō burying Carmilla in the garden to resurrect after being killed and eaten by yet another beast. A blue haired girl watches Genzō in secret.
7 "First Student × Pain in the Butt"

Transcription: "Hatsu Deshi × Mendokusai Hito" (Japanese: 初弟子 × めんどくさい人)

November 13, 2019
The blue haired girl, a hunter named Celes, approaches Genzō and is instantly punished for calling him Beast-Killer. Celes explains she is an inexperienced hunter and the guild master suggested she ask Genzō for training. Genzō agrees after realising Celes is a lizard-man with scales on her back and stomach. They begin training, though Genzō’s enthusiasm goes up and down based on how much of her scaly body he can see. Shigure, Carmilla and Hanako also try to help, with mixed results. Celes reveals she wanted training specifically from Genzō because hunters at the guild were making fun of her for being a lizard-man. Genzō furiously beats up the hunters while Celes is inspired by Genzō to become a better person. The hunters realise they were wrong and apologise and Genzō helps them all get over it by insisting Celes duels one of the hunters. Celes wins with a perfect German Suplex, despite bad advice from Carmilla. The hunters explain they were being mean from frustration as lately a new beast has been appearing, beating them up and stealing all the beasts, making it difficult to earn money. Shigure and the others realise this was actually Genzō in his Animal Mask wrestling outfit and the whole situation is mostly his fault. Klaus, the bank representative, approaches Genzō with plans to hold a fighting tournament, which would earn Genzō a lot of money for his shop. Genzō agrees after realising he misses wrestling.
8 "Animal × Event"

Transcription: "Kemonā × Kōgyō" (Japanese: ケモナー × 興行)

November 20, 2019
Genzō tries to include beasts in the matches but Klaus suggests beast-men instead. Genzō sees a Kobold he always flirts with and decides to ask her husband to participate. The husband, believing Genzō wants to steal his wife, fights him, and though he loses he recalls his youth as a warrior and recaptures his desire for combat. The Kobold wife is upset and confused that Genzō appears to have stolen her husband. Genzō tries to ask Wolfgang but he is still traumatised so Misha decides to participate instead. Genzō also recruits orcs and hunters, though he knocks out Heat Haze for trying to use weapons and his new legendary spear, Gáe Bulg, is “found” by Shigure. A hooded figure watches the tournament from a distance. Princess Altena learns about the tournament and recognises Genzō on the posters. As the matches begin they are hugely popular, despite Genzō bemoaning the lack of drama. Genzō and Carmilla form a tag-team against Misha and Heat Haze. The hooded figure is revealed to be Wolfgang and he is coerced into replacing Heat Haze. As the crowd grows rowdier Shigure admits the drama of Wolfgang and Genzō’s rivalry makes good entertainment. Wolfgang disagrees as he is molested by Genzō for 17 minutes and 26 seconds. Genzō declares the tournament a success as the humans and beast-men all begin to get along. Shigure loses her temper after all the tournament profits have to be spent on Genzō’s damages, Carmilla’s alcohol and Hanako’s food.
9 "Princess × Panties"

Transcription: "Purinsesu × Pantsu" (Japanese: プリンセス × パンツ)

November 27, 2019
After soldiers locate Genzō Princess Altena tries to retrieve him but he German Suplexes her, exposing her panties to the public. Joanna informs MAO of Genzō’s over-exaggerated achievements, such as defeating an entire Griffin herd and destroying an orc stronghold. MAO defeats beast bandits but responds strangely to a Hiroyuki-like dog beast. Altena reveals Genzō is the hero that must defeat the Demon King. Genzō decides not to, reasoning that a King of Beasts can’t be that bad. Altena orders her knights to kill Genzō so she can summon a new hero, but Genzō defeats them then punishes Altena. Joanna gives MAO control of her Beast-man army. Altena tries multiple times to convince Genzō to be the hero but is punished each time. Genzō begins to think that if the Demon King is an animal it might be worth meeting him. He goes to the guild for information and Heat Haze tries to join them but is once again knocked out for calling Genzō “Beast-Killer” while Shigure “finds” his latest sword, cursed katana Muramasa. The other hunters mistakenly believe Genzō plans to kill the Demon King and start calling him Hero. Hanako worries that if Genzō is the hero it will cause problems since her family serve the Demon King. Altena arrives to inform Genzō that another Demon King has been summoned, but he punishes her anyway. MAO goes to the Orc stronghold and starts beating them up to learn where Genzō is. The Orc’s later show Genzō a drawing of MAO, explaining he is the new Demon King, and Genzō recognises him instantly.
10 "Money × Bonds"

Transcription: "Kane × Kizuna" (Japanese: 金 × 絆)

December 4, 2019
Princess Altena tries to ask Genzō to at least protect the citizens if the Demon King attacks, but Genzō is uninterested. Genzō discovers Hiroyuki is missing. MAO sees one of Genzō’s tournament posters and figures out where Genzō is. Klaus arrives, revealing Hiroyuki is at a noble’s mansion. The noble reveals he purchased Hiroyuki for his daughter and refuses to give him back. Altena returns to the castle for money, believing if she buys Hiroyuki back Genzō will be in her debt and have to become the hero. When the nobles daughter sees Genzō crying she offers to give Hiroyuki back so the nobleman kindly agrees to sell Hiroyuki back at a reduced price which Shigure pays from her secret savings, earning Genzō’s gratitude. Genzō learns it was Misha, Wolfgang and Edgar who stole Hiroyuki so he violently punishes them. Altena arrives with a vast pile of money, but finds everyone has left already. Returning home Genzō finds Joanna, Rose and MAO in the shop. Rose, Carmilla, Joanna and Hanako resume their petty arguments until MAO angrily interrupts and challenges Genzō to finish their match. Joanna, assuming MAO is referring to an Evil Death Match, also challenges Hanako. Klaus suggests including their fights in the next tournament and everyone agrees. Carmilla puts her pride aside and secretly asks Genzō to train her in wrestling so she can finally defeat Rose.
11 "Pride × Loyalty"

Transcription: "Hokori × Chūsei" (Japanese: 誇り × 忠誠)

December 11, 2019
Genzō begins Carmilla’s training but is unsure what exactly to teach her as he knows nothing about her motivations or her opponent. Klaus and Shigure redesign the wrestling ring to cope with a larger audience. Genzō manages to plan a tournament of five matches, including Mischa, Wolfgang and even Princess Altena, with the final match being Genzō versus MAO. The first match sees Heat Haze, Celes and Altena wrestling demon beasts from Joanna’s army, and while they are victorious Altena finds that public humiliation is quite enjoyable as long as her face is hidden by her mask. In the second match Kobold husband and Orc King defeat Cyclops’ from Joanna’s army. In the third match Mischa and Wolfgang are easily defeated by gorilla beasts from Joanna’s army. In the fourth match Carmilla wrestles Rose and finds that Genzō’s training has made her stronger, and she manages to throw Rose with one of Genzō’s moves. Unfortunately she celebrates too soon so Rose knocks Carmilla out with a German Suplex, defeating her once again. Despite that Genzō admits it was a good match and Hanako congratulates her on fighting for her own pride, which makes it Carmilla’s victory as far as Hanako is concerned. Carmilla cries tears of joy as Genzō prepares to face MAO in the final.
12 "Hero × Demon King"

Transcription: "Yūsha × Maō" (Japanese: 勇者×魔王)

December 18, 2019
Hanako warns Joanna the match between Genzō and MAO might not go the way she wants. As they begin MAO rages that Genzō ran away, and in-between their violent wrestling moves they manage to explain what happened and why they are both in this new world. Joanna and Rose begin to worry their Demon King might be an idiot. MAO reveals he has a phobia of animals so Joanna and Rose steal Hiroyuki, forcing Genzō to comically retrieve him. The match turns into a brawl between the beastmen and hunters that ends when Genzō defeats MAO with his trademark German Suplex. With their rematch finally over MAO happily agrees to wrestle again someday. The Hero “army” are declared victors over the Demon King’s “army”. As Joanna leaves Hanako warns her that it is her job to observe the hero and she will not tolerate Joanna interfering anymore. Shigure almost loses her temper after realising that, once again, the bills for Genzō’s damages, Hanako’s food and Carmilla’s booze have exceeded their profits, but lets it go after seeing how it has brought humans and beastmen together. Though she does manage to make some money after selling Genzō’s trophy for the rare mythril it is made from. Princess Altena finds herself looking forward to the next humiliating wrestling tournament while MAO leaves to continue his own training. Life returns to normal as Genzō takes a job to deal with a Minotaur.


Genzo Shibata (柴田 源蔵 Shibata Genzō), aka the Animal Mask (ケモナーマスク Kemonā Masuku), is one of the main characters of Kemono Michi series. He is a professional wrestler who dreamed of opening his own pet shop.


As a professional wrestler, Genzo is a tall and very muscular man. In his Kemona Mask persona, his ring atire consisted of spandex shorts, a cape, laced up boots, and a dog mask.

Kemono Michi-Genzo Shibata.jpg


Despite finding great success as a wrestler, Genzo's real dream was to open a pet shop so he could share with the world the joy of living with animals. Genzo's love of animals is so great that even suggesting harm to one is enough to be on the receiving end of one of his many wrestling moves.


A masked professional wrestler who loves beasts and is active under the ring name of "Kemono Mask". His specialty is German Suplex. He loves kemono regardless of gender or race, and wants to spread the wonder of kemono to many people. Although his usual behavior is a good young man full of fighting spirit, his obsession with beasts is overwhelming, and the unicorn who happened to be there from Sigre who was bathing naked, including the treatment for the demon beast hunter described later. As soon as a beast is involved, such as paying attention to the person, it goes out of control. He is intolerant and unforgiving, especially to those who hurt the beast, and tries to discipline him thoroughly no matter who he is. He also has a strong commitment to professional wrestling, though not as much as his love for beasts, and often shows his pride and policy-based behavior as a wrestler. On the other hand, he is cold and reluctant to do things that do not involve kemono.

Before the start of the match in the original world (during the match with MAO in the anime version), he was suddenly summoned as a hero to another world (castle of the Kingdom of Edgard, during the summoning ), and the beastmen and half-beastmen who exist there. Become aware of the demon beast as a beast and love it. He has a high fighting ability such as fighting with a race with superhuman strength more than equal, but he does not kill monsters due to his propensity and interferes with hunters who hunt monsters, so he is a floating existence in the monster hunter union. It has become. He hates the nickname for killing monsters because he easily controls them , and mercilessly sanctions those who call him.


  • Pro-Wrestling (or simply Wrestling): Fundamentally, Technique used Kemono Mask on enemy barehanded wrestles is a spectacle move which combines athletics with theatrical performance, which mimic a title match combat sport. The matches have predetermined outcomes in order to heighten entertainment value, and all combative maneuvers are executed with the full cooperation of those involved and carefully performed in specific manners intended to lessen the chance of actual injury. Despite some moves having some practical usage in real life fights, such as certain throws, holds and leg-locks, pro-wrestling is first and foremost theatrical and has little viability outside a ring. .
  • Enhanced Strength/Peak Human Condition: Kemono Mask is exceptionally strong it become peak human; A humans that possess physical and mental attributes to the human limit. Peak-humans are superior to normal members of their species, as well as Olympic-level athletes. They are strong enough to punch an individual through a wooden or thin-metal door; able to break thin steel bars with their bare hands; fast enough to catch-up or outrun moving vehicles; able to exert themselves to peak capacity for hours; producing top-endurance and lung capacity; agile enough to climb the tallest of buildings, leap high into the air and run distant miles; reflexive enough to effectively dodge multiple incoming attacks, rapid gunshots as well as seemingly sudden motions (e.g. walls or debris of a crumbling roof), accurate enough to achieve multiple small and further distant targets, capable of living longer than the average-person, durable enough to withstand normal and enhanced physical/projectile attacks, intelligent enough to understand complex problems beyond the scope of average humans, they can heal themselves in very short-periods of time, flexible enough to coordinate their limbs perfectly and their combat skills are advanced enough to defeat large groups of enemies with ease.
    • He easily overwhelmed Carmilla - a vampire or defeated Orc King - the most powerful orc.
  • Zoology: As an animal lover has been used to denigrate people who display affection or concern for animals, Genzo has lots of knowledge about animals. He effortlessly domesticates beasts by fondling them or giving them fruits.
  • Indomitable Will: Genzo is fearless. He determined to protect and take care of his pets and never rejected a challenge as a pro wrestler.
  • Disguise [Fukumen wrestler]: Taking off the mask and changing outfits, people (except Shigure) couldn't recognize Genzo as "the pervert", is a professional wrestler who covers part or all of his head, face, etc. with a mask so that he cannot see his true face. Also known as Maskman. In many cases , the identity is hidden by using not only the face but also the ring name .


  • Animal Obsession: Due to being obsessed to animals, Genza sometimes has dumb or weird actions.


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Gadget Tsūshin listed "Kemono Mask", a phrase from Kemono Michi's opening song, in their 2019 anime buzzwords list

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