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Japan Summons (日本国召喚, Nihonkoku Shoukan) is a Japanese light novel series written by Minorou and illustrated by Toi8.


From 2013 to October, this work is serialized in Minoro's blog "Kumi-chan and Minoro's Room"  and the novel posting site "Become a Novelist". Received the 4th Net Novel Award in 2016  , and was serialized in "Become a Novelist" from Ponican Books (Pony Canyon) with toi8 acting as an illustration. Originally made into a book.

The biggest feature of this work is that the entire Japanese archipelago is summoned to a different world, and the countries of Japan that are at the mercy of the behavior of the different world and the countries of the different world that interact with Japan through diplomacy and wage war with each other. People in Japan and other worlds who are confused by the difference in culture, and the activities of the Self-Defense Forces in different worlds are depicted from various perspectives.

From June 24, 2018, it was comicalized with Chiharu Takano acting as a manga on ComicWalker etc. , and in January 2019, the first volume of the manga of the same work was made into a book


In the Great Orient, lies the continent called Rodenius.

One day, an unidentified flying object arrived at Qua-Toyne Principality's airspace. The unidentified flying object defied the Principality's common sense. But that unidentified flying object was just a harbinger of something even more shocking.

Far to the eastern sea, a group of islands suddenly appeared. The country of the islands called itself: Japan. According to them, their nation had been transported to another world.

Now finding themselves separated from their old world and must survive in the new one, how will Japan interact with the native countries of this world? Will they greet her as a friend or as an enemy?

This is a story of the country called Japan as it was engulfed in the chaotic storm of the world.

List of published books


Summoned from Japan / Japan Summons (Author: Minoro. Illustration: toi8 (whole volume), Ryosuke Fukai (2-3 volumes), Chiharu Takano (4 volumes-)) 6 volumes already published

  1. Guided Sun (2017/3/29 ISBN  9784865292435)
  2. Perishing Glory Above (2017/8/18 ISBN 9784865292688)
  3. Perishing Glory Below (2017/11/29 ISBN 9784865292695)
  4. Twist And Turns (2018/3/30 ISBN 9784865292879 )
  5. New World War (2019/2/17 ISBN 9784865292978)
  6. Turbulent Mu Continent (2020/2/20 ISBN 9784865293104)

Japan Summon Gaiden Shinsekai Itan (Author: Ryoji Takamatsu . Original Author: Minoro. Illustration: toi8, Chiharu Takano) 2 volumes already published

  1. I Demon King Advent (2018/8/17 ISBN 9784865292947)
  2. II Lonely Warriors (2020/1/17 ISBN 9784865293067)


Summoned to Japan / Japan Summons (Drawing: Chiharu Takano , Original author: Minoro)

  1. Released on January 21, 2019 ISBN 9784040650319
  2. Released on August 23, 2019 ISBN 9784040658858
  3. Released on March 23, 2020 ISBN 9784040644714
  4. Released on December 23, 2020 ISBN 9784040659756
  5. Released on September 21, 2021 ISBN 9784046805652

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