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Virus Tensei kara Hajimaru Isekai Kansen Monogatari has been published digitally in English as It's That Reincarnated-as-a-Virus Story by Kodansha USA since January 11, 2022.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. Isekai


A virus researcher was reincarnated into another the virus itself? The virus holds incredible power, but it's transmission may just be a matter of life or death!


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I was run over by a truck and died, so for some reason I decided to decide which race to reincarnate via roulette. That’s how I chose…a virus!? Seen off by a beautiful, easygoing goddess, I was sent to another world. “As expected, a virus is too meaningless. There were dragons and the like among different races…” When I woke up, I was supposed to be dead, and I was a mouse! … No, to be exact, it was a virus that infected mice! The more you get infected, the more skills you will get, and you will have a pandemic in this different world!

I was depressed, but I soon noticed the cheat ability. Free possession. Copy skills that you can get every time you are infected. An almost infinite stock of life. Weakening the enemy to self-modify. Having become an immortal virus, I decided to enjoy a new life in a different world.

  • 【Virus 】 Intrinsic Skills:
    • Invocation of Traits and Symptoms: it’s the ability to freely activate or deactivate any special effects that I have acquired.
      • repeatedly receiving duplicate skill by the symptoms skill would give an upgrade to that skill.
    • Virus Manipulation: Although he was reincarnated as a virus, my consciousness remained consistent and couldn’t be separated, no matter how much I multiplied. As he thought, it’d be a bit too laughable if every single virion had a personality. So, with the unaware surplus of viruses, it seemed I could move them around to some extent.
      • Skill: [Obtained, Developed & Discover using Symptoms]
【Reproduction I】
【Cowardice I】
【Danger Detection II】
【Antipyretic I】【Fever Alleviation I】
【Analgesia I】【Pain Relief I】
【Ferocity II】
【Agility II】
【Endurance II】
【Dexterity I】
【Healing II】
【Endurance I】
【Short Temper II】
【Night Vision II】
【Dexterity II】
【Brute Strength II】
【Sharp Claws I】
【Patience I】
【Tenacious II】
【Strong Arm I】
【Willpower I】
【Pain Suppression II】
【Frenzy I】
【Secrecy II】
【Evasion II】
【Fatigue I】
【Hunger I】
【Paralysis I】
【Headache I】
【Nausea I】
【Anemia I】
【Photosynthesis I】
【Starvation I】
【Weakness I】
【Nimble I】
【Insight II】
【Poison Resistance I】
【Venom Fang I】
【Presence Concealment II】
【Magic Thread I】
【Fatigue Recovery I】
【Magic Recovery I】
【Drain Mana I】
【Robust I】
【Immunization I】
【Regeneration II】
【Physical Resistance I】
【Soft Body I】
【Environmental Adaptation I】
【Abnormal Condition Resistance II】
【Acid Secretion II】
【Electrocution I】
【Vitality II】
【Superhuman Strength II】
【Hardened Skin II】
【Electricity Absorption I】
【Dormant I】
【Blade-Resistant Hair I】
【Enraged I】
【Magic Power Generation I】
【Electromagnetic Discharge I】
【Thermal Imagery I】
【Hemorrhage I】
【Muscle Relaxant I】
【Nerve Pain I】
【Parrying I】
【Reflexes I】
【Kinetic Vision I】
【Battle Perception I】
【Combat Instincts I】
【Composure I】
【Intuition I】
【Assassination I】
【Acting I】
【Mental Fortitude I】
【Drug Resistance I】
【Peace of Mind I】
【Negotiation I】
【Persuasion I】
【Placation I]】
【Cunning I】
【Deceptive I】
【Concealment I】
【Magic Control I】
【Muffle I】
【Invisibility I】
【Presence Detection I】
【Shadow Magic Aptitude I】
【Great Power II】
【Strengthening I】
【Protection I】
【Surprise Attack I】
【Marksmanship I】
【Enhanced Vision I】
【Magnification I】
【Fire Magic Aptitude I】
【Magic Augmentation I】
【Magic Manipulation I】
【Magic Perception I】
【Leap I】
【Charge I】
【Impaired Vision I】
【Glutton I】
【Grappling Claw I】
【Excavation I】
【Rocky Skin I】
【Anaesthetic Secretions I】
【Intoxicated I】
【Inebriation I】
【Irritation I】
【Antidote I】
【Magic Engine I】
【Durability II】
【Pain Blocker I】
【Unresting I】
【Magic Vulnerability I】
【Blunt Vulnerability I】
【Holy Vulnerability I】
【Sunlight Vulnerability I】
【Underwater Breathing I】
【Aqua Scales I】
【Paralysis Resistance I】
【Lightning Vulnerability I】
【Natural Regeneration II】
【Lucky I】
【Mental Magic Aptitude I】
【Black Scopulae I】
【Sturdy Muscles I】
【Charm Resistance I】
【Bat Wings I】
【Flight Magic I】
【Shock Resistance I】
【Black Scopulae I】
【Sturdy Muscles I】


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  • Parazeet was a French way to pronounce Parasite.