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I Won 4 Billion in a Lottery But I Went to Another World (Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru, 宝くじで40億当たったんだけど異世界に移住する) is a Japanese light novel by Suzu no Kikuro.

The Kurojishi is in charge of the illustration . Serialization began in August 2010 on the novel posting site "Let's become a novelist", and has been published in "Monster Bunko" (Futabasha) since July 2014. As of May 2021, the cumulative circulation of the series has exceeded 1.6 million .

ComicWalker has started a series of comicalize by Mujii Imai from November 19, 2016. Also, from November 19, 2016, the spin-off manga " I won 4 billion in the lottery, but I will move to another world-Marie's Isteria Commercial Development- " will be serialized at Gaugau Monster and has been published in Futabasha.


The main character, Kazura , who won 4 billion yen in the lottery , leaves his residence and evacuates to a rural mansion owned by his ancestors in order to escape from the gold dead who are flocking for the purpose of 4 billion yen  . When Kazura arrives in the countryside, he discovers a passage leading to another world and meets Valletta , a girl who lives in the village of Grisea  .

When Kazura sees the villagers in bed in Glysea village, he uses a nutritional drink brought from Japan to save Valletta's father, Valine , the mayor of Glycea village, and the villagers from malnutrition. In addition, Kazura learned that the village had no room for food due to the effects of the drought , and solved the food situation in the village in a blink of an eye by using the blueprints of water wheels and organic fertilizer, which are technologies brought from Japan. Residents who witness it mistake Kazura for the god of mercy and fertility, "Graceior," who once appeared in the village of Glysea and saved the people of Ister.

It was thought that the calm daily life with Chasuble, Valletta and the villagers who had settled in the village of Grisea would continue, but the water wheel brought by Chasuble caught the eye of the Arcadia Army soldier Isaac. As a result , Chasuble will meet Narson , the lord of the Ister territory of the Kingdom of Arcadia, in the form of being taken halfway to Isteria, the largest city in the territory as the god "Graceior".

Even at the time when the war with the Republic of Barber ended with a truce four years ago, the Ister territory was still exhausted. If the armistice agreement with the republic ends in the next four years, the republic may soon re-invade, and the Ister territory remains forced to spend much of its finances on military spending. rice field. In addition, the great famine caused great crop damage, and the people were suffering from hunger and recession.

Kazura, who was recognized as "Graceior" after meeting with the lord Narson and his wife Zirconia, used his own funds of 4 billion yen while traveling between Japan and another world to solve various problems in the territory. By bringing in Japanese goods and technology, we will save people in another world suffering from poverty and counter the invasion of the Republic of Barber  .

Meanwhile, Kairen Grips , commander of the 10th Army of Barber, ignores the intentions of the upper management and launches an independent attack on the Ister territory. Philexia , a sickly girl who works under him, is an engineer who invents various weapons and weapons, and her ability shows talent comparable to Valletta, and both develop into a one-on-one conflict.


Light Novel:

  • Suzu no Kikuro (Author) / Kurojishi (Illustration) "I won 4 billion in the lottery, but I moved to a different world" Futabasha <Monster Bunko>, 14 volumes already published (as of August 30, 2021) "Let's become a novelist"
    1. Released on July 30, 2014  , ISBN  978-4-575-75001-0
    2. Released on November 29, 2014  , ISBN 978-4-575-75014-0
    3. Released on April 30, 2015  , ISBN 978-4-575-75036-2
    4. Released on September 30, 2015  , ISBN 978-4-575-75056-0
    5. Released on February 29, 2016  , ISBN 978-4-575-75076-8
    6. Released on October 29, 2016  , ISBN 978-4-575-75105-5
    7. Released on July 29, 2017  , ISBN 978-4-575-75148-2
    8. Released April 28, 2018  , ISBN 978-4-575-75199-4
    9. Released on December 28, 2018  , ISBN 978-4-575-75233-5
    10. Released July 31, 2019  , ISBN 978-4-575-75247-2
    11. Released February 29, 2020  , ISBN 978-4-575-75264-9
    12. Released on August 31, 2020  , ISBN 978-4-575-75274-8
    13. Released on February 27, 2021  , ISBN 978-4-575-75285-4
    14. Released on August 30, 2021  , ISBN 978-4-575-75296-0


  • Suzu no Kikuro (Original) / Kurojishi (Character Draft) / Mujii Imai (Drawing) "I won 4 billion in the lottery but moved to another world" KADOKAWA <MFC>, 11 volumes already published (as of February 21, 2022)
    1. Released on April 22, 2017  , ISBN 978-4-04-069069-8
    2. Released on October 23, 2017  , ISBN 978-4-04-069471-9
    3. Released on March 22, 2018  , ISBN 978-4-04-069772-7
    4. Released on September 22, 2018  , ISBN 978-4-04-065104-0
    5. Released March 20, 2019  , ISBN 978-4-04-065571-0
    6. Released on September 20, 2019  , ISBN 978-4-04-064048-8
    7. Released on March 23, 2020  , ISBN 978-4-04-064464-6
    8. Released on September 23, 2020  , ISBN 978-4-04-064902-3
    9. Released on March 22, 2021  , ISBN 978-4-04-680285-9
    10. Released on August 20, 2021  , ISBN 978-4-04-680666-6
    11. Released on February 21, 2022  , ISBN 978-4-04-681146-2
  • Suzu no Kikuro (Original) / Kurojishi (Character Draft) / Sakuhimeki (Drawing) "I won 4 billion in the lottery, but I moved to another world-Marie's Isteria Commercial Development-" Futabasha <Monster Comics>, already published 4 Volume (as of February 28, 2022)
    1. Released on August 31, 2020  , ISBN 978-4-575-41147-8
    2. Released on February 15, 2021  , ISBN 978-4-575-41207-9
    3. Released on August 30, 2021  , ISBN 978-4-575-41288-8
    4. Released on February 28, 2022  , ISBN 978-4-575-41375-5


The main character of this work. He is called "Kazura-sama" in another world. He is 25 years old → 26 years old [Manga Vol.4]. He bought 10 of the same numbers at Loco 7 and won. He earned a prize of 4 billion yen and quit the company under the pretext of "taking over his family's town factory." He Discover a room where you can go to and from another world in a mansion that is said to have been passed down to the Shino family for generations. A hard worker with a friendly personality.

When bringing supplies to another world, he buys a large amount of fertilizer, farm tools, and food at home improvement stores, and the clerk at the home improvement store calls him the "pioneer leader" and remembers his name.  In addition, when 20 motorcycles were purchased together for 50 million yen, it was called the "Oil King Incident" by the motorcycle shop.

After Isaac learned of his existence, he called himself the god Gracior, who once appeared in the village, in order to avoid being charged with perjury and illegal immigration, and the lord Narson and Istere. Promises technical assistance to the territory.

Contrary to the fact that food brought from Japan strengthens foreigners (a general nutritional drink dramatically recovers from fatigue), Kazura's ingredients in another world are not nutritious at all, and they are in another world. If you eat only food, you will be hypoglycemic in about 3 days.

Passage Door:

Weapons and tools developed by Village of Grisea [Valletta]
Weapon & buildings are developed by Valletta because of the books that Kazura gave to her. In order to impress Kazura for her development
Catapult Long-range throwing weapon.
Cannon cannon It looks like a culverin cannon in which multiple iron plates are joined by tinker welding.
Crossbow Mechanical bow. It is modeled after the one used in Qin. It can be repaired only by replacing parts and is excellent in production.
Composite bow Custom made for Roslou.
Scorpion Long range shooting weapon. It is powerful enough to penetrate metal armor even at distances of 300 meters or more.
Bomb Hand-throwing bomb.
Hand cannon Handheld small cannon. The range is 30-40 meters
Broadhead Anchor -shaped arrowhead.
Charcoal blast furnace A refractory brick blast furnace built by Valletta in the village of Grisea  . It is possible to smelt metal with higher efficiency than the Ren furnace . Requires a large amount of charcoal.



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