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Hero of God Eye (神眼の勇者, Shingan no Yuusha) is a Japanese light novel series written by Fast and illustrated by Hika Akita and Natsu Natsuna.


Makoto is a recluse (hikikomori) who gets summoned to another world. But the Goddess of Time and Space, Astena insult and gave Makoto a Failure of being low stats. The Goddess throw Makoto in the wilderness. After he meet the old woman who ask for food and reveal herself to Makoto as a Goddess Liana, who control the "Eye of Gods" or in other world "God's Eye."

From the Goddess Liana, he’s granted the "Truth Eye" aka "God's Eye". Makoto is now able to see various things, including the past and future, using this ability to live as an adventurer in a different world.


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Makoto Maruta a typical NEET protagonist who gets transported into another world. he was home today as well, not attending school. Today would be the same old boring day again, that is how I spent my day. But, an unexpected event happened. As I was reading a manga in my room, suddenly a bright light appeared above my head. As I looked up to the ceiling, a magic circle with a geometric pattern design appeared above my head. I was speechless.

Then the next second my consciousness began to fade……and I sank into darkness. When I awoke, I was in a building I’ve never seen before. This wide building’s floor, walls, and ceiling were all made of white marble. It looks like the inside of an ancient greek or roman temple that I saw in a movie a long time ago.

And to add to the surprises there was a shockingly beautiful woman in her 20’s who was standing in front of me. And she was wearing clothes that looked like the garments of a greek goddess. She is a true beauty with blond hair and azure eyes. She was just as beautiful as a goddess. Afte he meet the Goddess who rules over Time and Space, Astena. Also from your perspective this is a parallel world. The name of this world is Manastasia. I am the one that summoned you. In order to increase my influence, I intended to summon someone with the strength of a hero or at least someone who has the qualities to become a hero. …But once again I summoned a dud of a human. Your base stats are somewhat better than the original inhabitants of this world. But that’s it. If you don’t also have a special ability, then there is no way you would have military tactics. To say nothing of the fact that your soul’s glow is dull. There is no way you could become a hero or a great man of valor.

Garbage like you is unnecessary. Not a chance. Her last words stabbed me in my chest. If I am called garbage then I can’t complain. But to be called unnecessary and not having a chance really shocked me. After hearing all the insult from the Goddess, Makoto demand to go back home but the Goddess Astena insist that no way to go back, Summoning someone from a parallel world expends a considerable amount of power, even for myself the Goddess of Time and Space. The power it takes to return someone to a parallel world is even greater. More importantly, I have no power to use for such garbage as yourself. Makoto angry on what desicion of the Goddess Astena. The Goddess Astena look at Makoto and tell that You are an eyesore. Away with you, garbage. Makoto throw immediately to the world without blessing. After he got throw to no where. After walking for 30 minutes, there was someone crouching down on the side of the road. It was an old woman. On top of that she looked very dirty. After looking closely, she has her eyes closed. I doubt if she is sleeping. The old woman ask for food, Makoto insist to gave the food he have left the calorie mate, But Makoto gave the food to the Old woman and tell his story on it why he in this place. After the conversation the old woman reveal herself to Makoto, that she is a goddess and her name was Liana, who control the "Eye of Gods" or in other world "God's Eye." Upon The Goddess Liana Bestow the Gods Eye to Makoto and make a deal to became a follower in 1 month and Makoto ask that he wants some ability but the Goddess Liana only have "the God's Eye" And the journey will start on.


  • God' Eye》[Rank: S (God Tier)] : Upon The Goddess Liana Bestow the God's Eye to Makoto. Makoto is now able to see various Information, including the past and future, using this ability to live as an adventurer in a different world. it also allows the user to predict an opponent's move in-battle.
    • Special Effect [Activation condition - Disadvantage]
      • Low rank (Able to use all "God's Eye" Skills)
        • Eye of Wisdom
        • Eye of Magic
        • Eye of Evil
        • Eye of the Sky (You can use things like a crystal ball to predict future with high accuracy. And able to manipulate the weather.)
        • Eye of the Mirror
        • Eye of Fire (You can set your target on fire by gazing at your target)
        • Eye of Light (You can unleashe optical light on your eye by gazing)
        • Clairovoyance (Able to look at the past, the future, somewhere really far away)
      • Low Rank (God's Eye Activation Condition) : Your proficiency points + Mind points mus be greater than your target's points
      • For every 1 hour using God's Eye your eye will hurt a bit more.
    • Hidden skill:
      • Eye of wisdom II [Can see anyone's hidden status]
        • + Need to keep looking at the target for a long period of time.
          • (Able to use Proficiency is greater than 100)
          • (The more Proficiency points you have, the less time is needed)
          • (Can use "God's Eye" an Infinite number of times)
      • Satoru (Understanding)
        • Focus on your targer and "look" to attempt to look at your target's heart.
        • +Random Activation
          • (When Profiency points are over 100, Can activate randomly)
          • (When Profiency points are over 500, Can use it will
          • (Can use random Activation an infinite number of times)
      • Death Vision
        • Erase other person's skill or special ability.
        • +Random Activation [Erase other person's skill or Special ability.]
          • (When Profiency points are over 999, Can activate randomly)
          • (Can use random Activation an infinite number of times)
      • Dimension Vision : the user can see into another dimension or another world. If the skill is low, Vision of another world or dimension may appear all of a sudden, At low levels the dimension or world that the usersees is randomly picked.
        • Normally, the skill will connect the user to the dimension or world that the user has been connected to before.
  • [Stats] Soul Rank: The radiance of the soul, expressing the strength of the hero. And depending on the “experience” will increase its radiance.
  • Wood Log Mastery》[Rank SSS]
    • here's one Wood log "Wielder"
    • Genius wood log "Wielder"T
  • Mad Fighter》: A fighting style that is fed by hatred and anger.
    • Occupation Effect:
      • Physical Strenght increase (In Effect) +1 per 10 Level
      • Vitality (In Effect) +1 per 10 Level
      • Intelligence Decrease (In Effect) -1 per 10 Level
    • Occupation Skill:
      • Ultimate: Bloodlust》
        • When anger, hatred level reaches a certain point every physical ability status increases. Can keep fighting even if you've suffered serious injury before Bloodlust was activated. May cause instant death after the fight, If you've taken too much damage.
        • The user giving the crest on the left hand symbolize of the Apostle from the God of Destruction. Giving the user an empower physical attack.
      • Physical Growth》
        • After the user reaches level 30, his/her physique will grow for every level he/she gets later on.


  • Is a harem manga; main character implied to have a happy polygamous marriage in future with kids.