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Guild no Cheat na Uketsukejou is a light novel series written by Natsuni Kotatsu and illustrated by Kazutomo Miya. Up to now, there have been 5 volumes published by Futabasha.

Genre: Action, Fantasy


One fine day, by God's mistake, Tomoaki Akino's life was accidentally taken away. Even so, he was grateful to be given cheats and reincarnated in another world, becoming an elf girl. As time passed, Tomoaki was currently a smart and beautiful receptionist working for the Luneville branch of the Guild Association under the name Ilya. In a world of swords and magic, her work begins today.

List of published books

Light Novel:

  • Natsu ni Kotatsu (Author) / Miya, Kazutomo (Illustrator), Monster Comics, 7 volumes + 1 Special in total September 29, 2018.
  • Became a Novelist
    • Released date September 30, 2014 978-4-575-75008-9
    • Released date February 27, 2015 978-4-575-75026-3
      • Released date June 30, 2015 978-4-575-75046-1
    • Released date November 30, 2015 978-4-575-75063-8
    • Released date June 30, 2016 978-4-575-75092-8
    • Released date March 30, 2017 978-4-575-75128-4
    • Released date October 30, 2017 978-4-575-75169-7
    • Released date September 29, 2018 978-4-575-75223-6


  • Natsu ni Kotatsu (Original) / Miya, Kazutomo (Character draft) / Yatsuki, Akehisa (Illustrator), Monster Comics, 6 volumes in total October 15, 2021.
  • Futabashi website
    • Released date May 30, 2018 - ISBN 9784575410242
    • Released date December 28, 2018 - ISBN 9784575410426
    • Released date November 30, 2019 - ISBN 9784575410686
    • Released date August 31, 2020 - ISBN 9784575411508
    • Released date March 29, 2021 - ISBN 9784575412215
    • Released date October 15, 2021 - ISBN 9784575413038


While living in this world, that was the decision she, who reincarnated, arrived at. She had always been struggling. Her biological parents feared her ability and abandoned her. Driven out of the village, she wandered the world for five years beating down demons and thieves in her dark past. Then she arrived here, the Lunéville’s Guild Branch, seeking haven.

That ordinary young man working like livestock in his previous life, Akino Tomoaki, was no more. Due to Kami-sama’s clumsy child, Tomoaki’s life span was cut short. Offering a cheat and a second life as compensation, it was done. Now, his–no, her name is Ilya Schultz. Working in the Guild Association's Lunéville Branch, she was the cheat receptionist that gave the feeling of omniscience.


Her Personality is very genuine innocent girl and scared of bugs even she is a Elf.. Even people like to tease her on the way she act. Even she is overpowered to her ability, she didn’t intend to demonstrate her ability to its maximum. She didn’t want to kill anymore.


Unique skill】:
Effect: Blocks Physical Attack, Magic, Every Abnormal Condition and Mental Interference.
「G.O.D's EYES」
A unique skill couldn’t be obtained from just effort and talent—was at the maximum level value of ten. When activated they could see through everything like G.O.D’s eyes, seeing people’s status and skills, potential, conditions and equipment in detail. Not just a person’s but also demon’s skills and status, even details such as the effects of tools were the same. Able to see a hostile opponent’s remaining endurance and condition, their weak points, it was a skill that carried advantages for combat.
>> Sub Skill:
Clairvoyance Mind Reading」「Eidetic Hearing Prophetic Dreams」「Star Memory
Common Skill
Spirit Detection: Max
Martial Arts
Presence Detection
Magic Manipulation [Wind: Max, Fire: Max, Light: Max, Water: Max, Earth: Max, Dark: Max]
Healing Magic:
  • Light of recovery, sweep away the darkness of destruction: Interchangeable with the top-ranked fire-type healing magic, ‘Heal’, it was the light-type healing magic.
  • Healing Light

Reinforce: Auxiliary magic of fire attribute strengthens muscle strength (Arm strength, leg strength, Instantaneous power) for a certain period of time. Because it is ranged magic when the magic is activated. The magic works on all who are within the effective area.


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