Draco Ainsworth is the main protagonist of the Dark Noble. He is a great noble and the leader of the neutral noble faction of the Darcadia Kingdom. He is also the most powerful and feared noble in the Darcadia Kingdom.



Draco is a dark and gloomy person. He doesn't want to get involved with the power struggle between noble factions and also doesn't care about the succession conflict of the Royal Family. However, he is very cold and ruthless if someone threaten his domain and his way of life will be crushed or be killed if they disrupt his private life.


In his previous life, he was a politician of a unknown country. Before making his way to the Capitol Building, he was assassinated by an unknown assailants which transmigrate him into a game character's body.


Abilities & Powers

Draco Ainsworth is the most influential noble in the Darcadia Kingdom and commands the highest authority among the Great Nobles. He is shown to have exceptional leadership skills and is praised as a great man. His greatest strength lies on his mastery of swordsmanship and deadly magic against his enemies.

Main Equipment

  • Katana


  • Destruction Magic
  • Divine Magic
  • Negation Magic
  • Summoning Magic




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