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Chiyu Mahō no Machigatta Tsukai-kata: Senjō o Kakeru Kaifuku Yōin (治癒魔法の間違った使い方 ~戦場を駆ける回復要員~, lit. "How to Use Healing Magic Wrongly: Main Recovery Team Member Running Through the Battlefield") is a Japanese light novel series written by Kurokata and illustrated by KeG. It began serialization online in March 2014 on the user-generated novel publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was later acquired by Media Factory, who have published twelve volumes between March 2016 and March 2020 under their MF Books imprint. A manga adaptation with art by Reki Kugayama has been serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's seinen manga magazine Comp Ace since April 2017. It has been collected in nine tankōbon volumes. An anime adaptation has been announced.

As a media mix, a manga version by Reki Kugayama is being serialized in " Monthly Comp Ace " (KADOKAWA) from the June 2017 issue.


Ken Usato is a normal high-schooler in every sense of the word—average grades, dreams, and a tendency to dislike extraordinary people. However, when he encounters the president and the vice president of the student council, both popular and extraordinary, he immediately befriends them. All of this is interrupted when Ken's new friends are summoned into another world—and he accidentally gets summoned as well!

Dejected and with no way to return, he resigns himself to staying quietly in the new world—until he finds out he has an affinity for healing magic, a very rare form of magic which gives him both self-confidence and the attention of all mages. However, not all attention is good, which is something Ken realizes when he is noticed by a crazy fellow healing magic user…


Light Novel

The series written by Kurokata began serialization online in March 2014 on the user-generated novel publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was later acquired by Media Factory, who have published twelve volumes with illustrations by KeG between March 2016 and March 2020 under their MF Books imprint. The light novel is licensed in North America by One Peace Books. Lets Become a Novelist

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 March 25, 2016 978-4-04-068185-6
2 June 24, 2016 978-4-04-068427-7
3 September 23, 2016 978-4-04-068636-3
4 January 25, 2017 978-4-04-069054-4
5 April 25, 2017 978-4-04-069191-6
6 September 25, 2017 978-4-04-069498-6
7 February 24, 2018 978-4-04-069727-7
8 July 25, 2018 978-4-04-065023-4
9 November 24, 2018 978-4-04-065306-8
10 April 25, 2019 978-4-04-065682-3
11 October 25, 2019 978-4-04-064060-0
12 March 25, 2020 978-4-04-064538-4


A manga adaptation with art by Reki Kugayama began serialization on Kadokawa Shoten's Comp Ace magazine on April 26, 2017. It has been collected in nine tankōbon volumes as of November 26, 2021. The manga adaptation is also licensed in North America by One Peace Books.

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 September 26, 2017 978-4-04-106129-9
2 February 26, 2018 978-4-04-106728-4
3 September 22, 2018 978-4-04-107356-8
4 March 4, 2019 978-4-04-107897-6
5 August 26, 2019 978-4-04-108579-0
6 March 24, 2020 978-4-04-108580-6
7 October 26, 2020 978-4-04-110503-0
8 April 24, 2021 978-4-04-110504-7
9 November 26, 2021 978-4-04-111801-6
10 March 26, 2022 978-4-04-111802-3


An anime adaptation was announced during the MF Books 8th Anniversary Livestream event on August 15, 2021.


A 17-year-old high school boy is called "Usato" by the people around him. When I was in the original world, I usually had friends, and at the point where I was living without any complaints, I was summoned to another world with Kazuki and Inugami, a boy who is unhappy in a sense. Belonging to the lifesaving team, the magic system is healed. He is beaten directly by his teacher, Rose. Learn healing magic in an eccentric way. However, a life-saving group trains its body while healing its own wounds with healing magic, runs around the battlefield faster than anyone else to accommodate and treat injured people, and sometimes eliminates the cause of injuries on its own. It was a brain-muscle group.

A powerful monster called the Blue Grizzly. His parents are killed by the demon monster Barjinak left by the Demon King's army, and he is about to be killed for revenge, but is rescued by Usato. While he has a stubborn side that is indebted to Usato, he shows a stubborn side that is never stubborn to those who instinctively embrace evil feelings.


Ken Usato was trained by life-saving group to trains his body while healing its own wounds with healing magic, runs around the battlefield faster than anyone else to accommodate and treat injured people, and sometimes eliminates the cause of injuries on its own.

Usato is well trained by Rosa, he able to resist and endure all type of training (Being Ideal body of Lifesaving team [Healer]). After a year of training Usato able to maintained himself, because of his training method Usato's Strength & Endurance parameter exceed of extraordinary that he can able to lift a boulder and Brulin (270 kg.) while running, because of this daily training that Rosa taught to him, because of this Usato can continuation of combat after he got a sustaining mortal wounds, Usato survive will to live or the mentality of his who doesn't know when to give up, consisting of one's strength of his vitality in predicaments.

Usato trained in Martial Arts by Rosa for self-defense, to maintained his survival in battlefield. That Usato can instantly identify “the best personal course of action” during combat. Because of his training it allows for the prediction of trajectory almost, or it possible to avoid incoming projectiles attacks. He can able to run as fast as normal human can run even.


  • Magic turning: A technique that is the basis of magic and that pursues the movement of magical power. By moving the magical power at high speed, the elasticity that can only be made with the gauntlet of the right arm has been raised to a practical level.
  • System deterioration: A technique devised to increase magic efficiency. In the case of healing magic, the healing power decreases and the consumption magic power decreases.
  • Must-have mystery ・ Healing system Bombing fist: A technique devised by applying the phenomenon that system deterioration that touches system strengthening causes a strong explosion. It has system strengthening and system deterioration in both hands, and can give a strong attack by applying two stages of hitting and shock waves. Since the magical power itself is system strengthening, the healing power is higher than that of a normal explosive bomb.


  • 【Healing Technique; Healing Punch】: It's a normal technique for Usato, and it's just a fist with healing magic. It is the technique that Usato uses most and is the only technique taught by his master, Rose. Usato says, "If the other party isn't hurt in the end, that's fine!"
    • 《Healing punch, Derivative Technique》
      • Healing Restraint Fist: A healing punch that grants the magic of Nea's restraint. If you hit, the place you hit will be restrained. It is also possible to stack by hitting continuously.
      • Must-have Masaken Healing Punch: System-enhanced healing punch. The mystery for Usato that surely keeps the other person alive and faints.
      • Healing Fist: Official name: Must-have mystery "Healing punch one type, Hiken", Flying healing punch. A technique that shoots a fist-sized lump of magical power by using the outburst of system strengthening.
        • Healing Jumping Fist: Hit the ground with a fist that gives elasticity and jump as it is. Since it does not go through magic turning, it comes out quickly.
      • Healing Continuous Attack Fist: Official name: Must-have mystery "Healing Punch Two-type, Continuous Attack Fist", A technique to continuously hit a healing fist at a close distance. Its attack power is contrary to the style of the lifesaving team, so it will not be used by anyone other than a specific opponent. However, when dealing with Koga, he does not hesitate at all and starts to hit.
      • Restraint Flying Fist Healing Punch: Healing fist with restraint magic, when I used it against Rose, it didn't work at all.
      • Healing Acceleration Fist: An accelerating movement technique that uses the outburst of magical power as the driving force. In the raw state, you can only accelerate with a gauntlet. After assimilating with Ferme in Chapter 8 (LN), it is possible to accelerate from the whole body.
      • Healing Haste Fist: A technique that accelerates the fist itself by exploding magical power from the elbow and fist.
      • Continuous attack acceleration healing punch: Healing continuous attack fist from healing haste fist. A technique that shouted with momentum on the spot.
      • Healing flash fist: Official name Must-have mystery [Healing punch three types, flash fist], A technique that shoots a healing fist at the same time as hitting a fist. This is also a very dangerous technique, so it is not used against humans.
      • Healing Elastic Fist: A healing punch with elasticity. The power is greatly reduced by the elasticity, but the power to blow it off is stronger.
      • Healing Bomb Fist: A healing punch that combines elasticity and system blasting. Hit a wedge with a healing elastic fist and hit a healing continuous fist from above to pass the impact to the back. Its power is enough to blow away the face of the evil dragon.
      • Healing chop: Chop with healing magic. At the same time as the direct hit, the outburst of magical power is struck.
  • 【Healing Technique; Healing Magic Bullet】: A technique devised by Usato who did not have the talent to throw magical power. By throwing magic bullets with your strength, you can recover from a long distance. It does not hurt the other party, but it is used for frightening and restraint. Usato's assumption is that it is used when hitting a wounded ally or forcibly avoiding a pinched ally.
    • 《Healing Magic Bullet, Derivative Technique》
      • Healing Blinding: A technique that steals the view by hitting the opponent's face with a healing magic bullet. According to Usato, a safe and secure blindfold that crushes the field of vision without damaging the other party.
        • Strengthening / Healing Blinding: An advanced version of the healing magic bullet that hits the eyes, healing blinding. A magical shock wave is emitted from the side of the gauntlet, crushing the opponent's field of vision. Since the range is wide, there is no need to bother to hit the magic bullet.
        • Greatly Strengthened Healing Blinding: Strengthening / healing A technique that makes blinding even wider. By assimilating with Ferme, it is possible to emit a shock wave of magical power from the upper body and scare the opponent at a close distance.
      • Healing Magic Restraint Bullet: A healing magic bullet that grants the magic of Nea's restraint. If you hit it directly, the movement of that part will be restricted.
      • Healing Magic Bullet: A healing magic bullet that divides. A technique for recovering a crowded ally. By applying the magic of restraint, you can stop the movement of the place where you hit directly.
      • Healing Finger Bullet: A technique that creates magic bullets on the fingers and launches them with only the power of the fingers. There are types without gauntlets and types with gauntlets.
      • Healing Acceleration Bullet: Accelerating healing magic bullet. A technique that can be quickly landed on the opponent by the outburst of magical power. In Chapter 8 (LN), it was used to save Hyde.
      • Healing Remote Bullet: A bending healing magic bullet. A technique that allows you to refract only once by manipulating the magical power of the gauntlet.
      • Healing Explosion Wave: Technique name candidate Healing flash. The mystery as a healing magic bullet. A technique to store magical power beyond the limit in the magical power bullet created in the palm and shoot it forward. The resulting shock wave spreads over a wide area, and immediately after performing the technique, it scatters healing magic particles around. Usato's assumption is to throw it up and heal allies. It can be further strengthened by using it together with giving elasticity.
      • Healing Diffusion Fist: A healing magic bullet that is released in the manner of a healing fist. It's a technique to shoot in close quarters, so it's very difficult to avoid it if it's released.
      • Healing explosion bomb: A technique that wraps a healing explosion wave with healing magic that gives elasticity and makes it a magic bullet. Explodes by hitting the opponent directly --- Scatters healing magic particles and shock waves. According to Usato, "a wide range of recovery type healing magic bullets"
      • Healing lariat: Lariat with healing magic. Since it is given elasticity, if you hit it directly, it will be hit to the ground by the reaction of the elasticity
      • Mini Healing Explosion Bomb: A ping-pong ball-sized healing explosive. It's not that powerful, but if it hits, it's blown away normally.
      • Healing elastic bullet: A healing magic bullet that gives elasticity. When it hits a wall, it bounces off, so it can be used in various ways.
      • Healing six bullets: A technique made possible by assimilating with Ferme. From his two arms and four arms grown from his back, he shoots a healing fist at the same time with six shots. Although it was not released in the main story, it can not be used unless it is in a situation where it consumes a lot of magical power and surely deprives the other party of consciousness. If you want to do it, you can also shoot healing fists continuously from each arm.
      • Healing Eight Shaku Bullets: Possible by assimilating with Ferme, Nea & Amako. A healing explosive is placed in a cannon that transforms Ferme's dark magic, and Nea's restraint magic and resistance magic are added on it. A technique to shoot with a healing fist after having Amako predict the position of the opponent to make sure that it hits directly. The healing magic contained in it has almost no killing ability, but since a considerable shock wave is transmitted, the movement is blocked by the magic of restraint at the same time as the direct hit, and while being healed by the healing magic, it will continue to be exposed to the shock wave. Keira says, "It looks like a green flower and is beautiful."
      • Healing Explosion Fist: A healing explosive bomb launched with a healing fist. A magic bullet that consumes a lot of magical power, but is faster than throwing and has penetrating power.
  • 【Healing Technique; Healing Magic Burst Palm】: A technique that uses a special gauntlet to intentionally explode magical power and emit a shock wave from the palm. It has various applications such as emergency avoidance of (咄 嗟), interception of magic and arrows, and blowing off enemies. It is also the technique that was the basis of the healing acceleration fist.
    • 《Healing Magic Burst Palm, Derivative Technique》
      • Healing Fall Fist: A technique that strikes a fist on the ground and at the same time emits a shock wave of magical power to destroy the opponent's posture.
      • Darkness Healing Explosive: A technique that assimilates with Ferme and wields a sword formed by dark magic and at the same time emits a shock wave of magical power. It has a wider range than a normal burst palm, and can cover a wide range when intercepting enemy attacks.
      • Healing Play: A technique that makes it possible to play an attack with less force by putting the elasticity in your hand. By combining it with Usato's reflexes, it demonstrates its true value.
        • Restraint / Healing Play: A technique that gives restraint magic to healing play. At the same time as playing the attack, it can hinder the opponent's movement.
      • Healing Burst Double Palm: Healing magic burst palm released with both hands. Usato says, "If you shoot with both hands, the power will be doubled."
  • 【Other Healing Technique】
    • Healing Deco Pin: A deco pin with a healing magic. According to Amako, it hurts tremendously, but the pain disappears soon.
    • Healing Throw: A technique that uses ALC manipulated by Nea as an opponent. After hitting the opponent on the floor, apply healing magic. Depending on the situation, there is a version that swings the opponent with force, involves the enemy, and then throws it.
    • Healing Continuous Attack Leg: A healing barrage fist on the leg that can be used by assimilating with Ferme. Since it has a strong power to blow away the opponent, it can only hit one shot, but the power of the technique is stronger here.
    • Healing Kick: Strictly speaking, a kick with both feet that just gained momentum with a healing acceleration fist and other things. A technique that shouted with momentum on the spot.
    • Our Friendship power: The method used by Usato, who thought that he would use the dark wizard Koga as a weapon and defeat all the evil dragons. Sometimes I betray, but the two are Nakayoshi. It may be the most compatible with Usato in terms of battle style.
    • Healing Afterimage Fist: Avoidance technique realized by applying elasticity. A technique in which the stretched magical power is thinly wrapped around itself and released during movement to make the opponent appear as if an afterimage was left on the spot. If it is activated normally, the difference between the afterimage and the main body is obvious, but if it is used during high-speed movement with slow and fast movements, it will appear to the other party that Usato's body is an alter ego.
    • Healing Guard: An extraordinary technique to grab nearby enemies and use them as your own shield. Although it is a technique that is mainly used only for opponents who do not hurt their hearts, it is not damaged as a result because it also applies healing magic exactly (it can be said that it can be used as a shield many times).
    • Healing detection: Healing A technique for detecting the reaction of living things and the movement of objects with senses other than the five senses by spraying magic particles around them. Originally, it is also a technique called magical power sensing, but Usato calls it healing sensing because it has the characteristics of healing magic.
    • Healing collapse: A technique that can be used when the magical power is constantly radiated due to system deterioration and the movement of the opponent is grasped by detecting the magical power. At the moment of the opponent's attack, the magical power weakened by the system deterioration is restored and radiated again to pierce the opponent's emptiness and stop its movement.
    • Healing sink: The technique that I learned from Owl as a Usato. By manipulating the magical power inside the body, he succeeded in parrying his own magical power in combination with the enemy's attack and magical power. However, since it is necessary to identify the opponent's attack itself, it is almost impossible for anyone other than those with excellent reflexes, such as Usato, to learn it. This technique can even pass on the light magic that extinguishes what you touch.
    • Healing Coating: A technique that Usato devised in a hurry instead of the lost gauntlet. Although it is a technique that enhances the defense power by covering the arm with magical power that gives it more elasticity, it has the disadvantage that it is not as strong as a gauntlet and it is not possible to create magical bullets. However, this technique can be used in combination with magic turning to move to the limbs and activate at the same time. In addition to that, it hinders the movement of sticking to the opponent and makes it possible to move by sticking to the wall, so in reality it has become a technique that is good at movements that are completely different from gauntlets.


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