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"Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth" (Let's aim for the Saitamaken Shinkin) is a Japanese light novel by Tarisa Wariuchi . Saki Ukai is in charge of the illustrations. The abbreviation is " Ibusou ". The serialization started in October 2012 on the novel posting site "Let's become a novelist", and the main story was completed in May 2021 (513 episodes in total). A book with revised and revised contents based on a Web novel has been published by Overlap Bunko since July 2014. In addition, it has been comicalized as a media mix and has been serialized every other week since July 2019 from the Web comic site " Comic Gardo "..

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy


The "hero" Aikawa vortex wave wakes up in a dark corridor that you don't recognize. Suddenly he was upset and headed towards the sign of a person, where there was a fairytale-like scene of a person and a monster fighting. Immediately after learning from the conversation that this place is a dangerous zone called "labyrinth", the explorers deceive him and die, but with a game-like system and the activation of an unidentified skill "???" Barely out of the crisis. After that, when he met a girl named Rustiara Foods Yards and managed to reach the outside of "Labyrinth", the whirlpool gathered information in the city, understood that he had come to another world, and returned to the original world. Aiming for the "deepest part" of the "labyrinth" that "any wish will come true".

Chapter 1 (Volume 1, Web Novel Episode 1-Episode 17)

After learning the common sense of another world at the library, Whirlpool begins to work in a bar near the labyrinth in order to obtain the funds and information to live in this world. In order to hide his special origin and ability, when he lives by playing the false setting of " a boy who challenged the labyrinth with a dream of getting rich from the countryside but lost, Siegfried Visitor ", one time he has a special talent. Find a girl in a man's costume called Diablo Sith . After approaching Deer with a computational idea and succeeding in forming a party, Whirlpool prepares and challenges the labyrinth again. Making good use of the information gathered at the bar and modern knowledge, the two proceed smoothly to explore the labyrinth, but the boss monster that should be in the 20th layer in the 5th layer [Twenty Guardians] "Darkness" Encounter "the one who steals the reason" .


Web Novels:

<Lets become a Novelist>

Light Novels:

Tarisa Wariuchi (Author), Saki Ukai (Illustration), Overlap <Overlap Bunko>, 16 volumes already published (as of August 25, 2021)

Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth
Number of turns title Release date ISBN
1 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 1 July 25, 2014 978-4-906866-79-3
2 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 2 October 25, 2014 978-4-86554-009-3
3 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 3 February 25, 2015 978-4-86554-034-5
5 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 4 July 25, 2015 978-4-86554-061-1
4 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 5 October 25, 2015 978-4-86554-074-1
6 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 6 January 25, 2016 978-4-86554-090-1
7 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 7 July 25, 2016 978-4-86554-131-1
8 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 8 November 25, 2016 978-4-86554-170-0
9 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 9 September 25, 2017 978-4-86554-255-4
10 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 10 March 25, 2018 978-4-86554-313-1
11 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 11 August 25, 2018 978-4-86554-387-2
12 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 12 July 25, 2019 978-4-86554-524-1
13 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 13 January 25, 2020 978-4-86554-602-6
14 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 14 June 25, 2020 978-4-86554-680-4
15 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 15 January 25, 2021 978-4-86554-825-9
16 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 16 August 25, 2021 978-4-86554-979-9


Keisuke Sato (drawing), Tarisa Wariuchi (original), Saki Ukai (character draft), Overlap <Gard Comics>, 4 volumes already published (as of August 25, 2021)

Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth
Number of turns title Release date ISBN
1 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 1 January 25, 2020 978-4-86554-604-0
2 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 2 June 25, 2020 978-4-86554-687-3
3 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 3 January 25, 2021 978-4-86554-833-4
4 Let's aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinth 4 August 25, 2021 978-4-86554-990-4

World Setting

About general status settings
 The "conversion result/status" that changes depending on the "magic conversion/level up" is expressed as the status.

 Basically, it refers to the "display" developed by Aikawa Vortex Wave and the Apostle Diplakura 1000 years ago. So, it's mostly a game-like expression of the Gentile Aikawa whirlpool. So, of course, the status is not absolute.  In modern times, it is classified as "sacred magic", but strictly speaking, it is "magic". Among the "Sacred Magic" made by the disciple Tiara, the magic to see the status can only be used by priests, but it is very convenient.

The speed of head rotation in battle. Correction and reconstruction speed of battle theory in battle-It refers to a comprehensive one including calmness and inspiration.

 It has an impact on everyday life, but not as much as in combat.

Of course, the standard of "in battle" is different for each. For example, Nosphy and Palinkron just talk, and "Devil's Poison" works on the wisdom of the status and makes you smarter. Others don't think talking is a battle, so they're smart. I am doing it with such an image.  The vortex wave was set 1000 years ago, thinking that people with a high number would be uncomfortable with how to fight. From the author's point of view, not the vortex wave point of view, I think it is more correct to say that wisdom is "greed for victory.

Quality The total value of the efficiency and talent of magical power conversion set by Aikawa Vortex Wave. It was sometimes paraphrased as "resistance" of "demon poison".

 The average person is around 1.00. From 2.00, there is something wrong with the human body. Some people called it "the purity of the soul" a thousand years ago

 Basically, it refers to the talents, skills, and characteristics of people that the vortex wave and the apostle Diplakura had grasped. Of course, there are some things that these two people do not understand. If there is mutual understanding between the viewer and the viewer of the status, it may be "displayed" as a new skill.

Although it is different from skill, the name of a monster item newly born in modern times is an easy-to-understand "new display example". It feels like there are some skills that have been added as a common perception among people over the last millennium.

Skill Number
0.00 ~ 0.99
  • This range is basically not quantified.
  • If this number appears in your stats, you know you're talented but haven't blossomed yet-or you're trying to be forcibly skilled by training without any talent.

1.00 ~ 1.50

  • serving! Or it is judged that there is talent! Basically, it feels like getting on the status as a skill from here.  Areas that can only be reached by talented people from 1.51 to 1.99.
  • Leading explorer.

2.01 ~

  • Area that can be called a genius, a hero, or a great man. Maybe it can be achieved by a talented person who keeps trying.
  • It's a little difficult for the general public to understand.

3.00 ~

  • And to the legend. Or an area called a monster. The average person draws.5.00 ~
  • Don't cheat. "Display" is buggy.
  • From this point, even a vortex wave with a specified numerical value cannot be grasped.* The values ​​for "Quality" and "Magic" are set with the same guideline.

 You should be able to go like a general RPG game ...

What is Magic?
If you do something using the "magical poison / magical power" of this different world, it is already "magic".
  • A thousand years ago, "magic" appeared only in fairy tales.
  • First, a thousand years ago, "thieves of reason" began to use the first "something that can only be called magic."
  • Next, "Gentile Aikawa Whirlpool" will complete "Magic" in an attempt to create "Magic for Everyone" against "Something that can only be called magic".
  • "Jujutsu" could be used by anyone with a "compensation", but it was a very risky and unfinished one.
  • Finally, "Saint Tiara" tries to create "magic" that does not require "compensation", and then "sacred magic" that human beings will love for a thousand years will be developed.
  • In the end, all the basics of magic developed by Tiara came to be called "magic" in the world after Tiara's death.
  • In reality, everyone was aiming for "real magic" that would appear in fairy tales.

The value of "magic" in the status is the same as the skill.

Magic has the concept of attributes. Since it was characterized by the "magical poison / magical power" generated from each person's soul, Aikawa Whirlpool paraphrased it in an easy-to-understand manner with game knowledge. In an easy-to-understand place, if it is a "magical power to nurture" like Aid, specialize in "trees". If it is a "cling magical power" like Snow, it can be "nothing" and "wind", and if it is a "blank magical power" like Deer or Rustiara, it can be any attribute.

There is not much difference between fire magic and flame magic. No, but both appear in the main story. Maybe it's because the vortex wave was forgotten to set a thousand years ago. The vortex wave is generally bad. very sorry. From now on, both will come out in the style of ice magic and freezing magic. Is the translation different depending on the situation? Please look at it with a sense.


The main character of this work. She was born on December 25th. She is 174 cm tall. He is a Japanese with black hair and black eyes. He is a 16 year old high school student. His parents are actors and artists, and although he looks very neat, he gets burned on his face in another world. He lived with his sister in the original world.

A timid and indecisive boy with modern morals and values. He behaves computationally and tries to reasonably suppress his emotions, but he cannot abandon his emotional partner . He has a habit of romance and is particular about "the only person destined for". He has the character of a "hero" in a "story" that reflects someone's "ideal."

Raised as an actor when he was young, he had a complex with his talented sister, but after losing his parents and suffering from an incurable disease, he realized his mistakes, changed his mind, and cherished only one family. I swore. He cares about his sister the most in the world and aims at the deepest part of the labyrinth to return to her original world where she left her sickly sister.

After waking up in a different world, you can see the status and skills of the target by watching "display"  , "belongings" that you can put in and out of goods in a different space, and experience points will be distributed to your friends " For some reason, it became possible to use a system like a game such as "Party". The "quality" of the status is unusually high, and it has a high ability value compared to the level. In battle, he mainly uses dimensional magic and freezing magic, and plays an avant-garde disturbing role that combines swordsmanship and "belongings". A wizard who manipulates dimensions and cold air by creating applied magic derived from basic magic according to the situation, and specializing in space grasping and sensing by dimension magic, and behavior inhibition by freezing magic. When emotions such as frustration and anxiety become extremely angry, the skill "???" goes out of control, forcibly stabilizing the mind and making a calm judgment.

I usually live while pretending to be my identity, and I start working at a bar in the city by taking advantage of my experience working part-time at a restaurant in the original world. In the web version she used the pseudonym "Christ Eurasia" to be found by the inhabitants of the same world, but in the book version it was changed to "Siegfried Visitor"

 He has an indecisive personality. She has a typical personality as a young Japanese man. When he was a kid, he loved games like no other. But he didn't have time to play after he was in high school. He basically lives for his sister and has a strong self-sacrificing spirit. He has a proportionally high level of justice and morals. He so hates his parents. He doesn't have the courage to fight, but he doesn't forgive evil.

Founder Kanami

  • Aikawa whirlpool was summoned to another world with his sister, Yotaki, a thousand years before the start of the main story. "Things that steal the dimensional reason". He is wearing a black mask. At that time, it was called the "founder" and traveled around the world with the "Apostle" Sith and the "Saint" tiara to treat the intractable disease of Yotaki. He was also developing "systems" such as "status" and "skills" as well as magic that would be the basis of magic 1000 years later. After that, he failed to treat Yotaki, and the desperate whirlpool ran for revenge but was defeated by the "Apostle" Sith. He was persuaded by the "Saint" Tiara to plan a "Labyrinth" to cure the sunfall over a thousand years, but the betrayal of the "Apostle" Legacy prevented him from inheriting his memory.
  • The whirlpool that was re-summoned to the "Labyrinth" a thousand years later with the memory lost at that time uses the body of the younger sister who put her own soul, and is a "freezing magic" other than the original "dimensional magic". "Swordsmanship" and "parallel thinking" are the talents of my sister. A powerful wizard with dimensional attributes, he uses sensing magic that can cover the continent, magic that manipulates space to manipulate distance, and instant death magic that pulls out the soul. In addition, he possessed a large amount of more than 40 skills because he could imitate and acquire the "skills" of others by making use of his observing ability and memory ability by dimensional magic.


That is the ending of my "Festival of the End". The "deepest part" of the different world labyrinth that I finally arrived at. Get that miracle. The two long adventures are over.

"Hero", "The Strongest", "Kensei", "Founder", "Stealer of Dimension", "Dragon Slayer", "Guardian Killer", "Labyrinth Record Holder", "Mirage Commander", "Sword Saint Successor" "Snow Knight," "Natural Hero," "Saint's Lady," "The Strongest of All Time," "Bath Tournament Winner," "Those Who Steal the Reason of the Moon."
【Magic Power (False)】:
Attribute: Dimension / Color: Purple / Property: Flexible property that seems to be able to do anything, such as someone's "ideal"
【Magic Power (True)】:
Attribute: Moon / Color: None / Nature: Mirror
[Quality] 1.12 (default) → 6.21 (after remodeling) → 7.00 (chapter 1) → 6.21 (chapter 4) → 10.21 (chapter 7-3) → 27.84 (final chapter) → 00.00 (chapter 9) → 1.12 (ten chapter/Final Chapter)
[Congenital skill] Swordsmanship Freezing magic (lost in chapter 4) Moon magic (chapter 10) Magic operation (final chapter) Wind magic (chapter 10)
[Acquired skill] Dimensional magic (disappeared in Chapter 10) Physical art (Chapter 3) Sensitivity (Chapter 3) Parallel thinking (Chapter 3 → Lost in Chapter 4) Knitting (Chapter 3) Scam (Chapter 3) Magical combat (Chapter 4) Blacksmith (Chapter 4) Sewing (Chapter 4) Shintetsu Blacksmith (Chapter 5) Command (Chapter 5) Rear Guard Technology (Chapter 5) Magic (Chapter 5) Subfluid Art (Chapter 6) Light Magic (Chapter 7 → Disappear in Chapter 10) ) Reading (final chapter) Acting (final chapter)
[Class] None → Explorer (Chapter 3) → None (Chapter 7-3) → Protagonist (Chapter 9) → ■■■ (Chapter 9) → Adventurer (Chapter 10)
[Specific skill] ???: ??? → The deepest pledger (Chapter 4), ???: ??? → Dream celebration lake surface (Chapter 10)

Name: Aikawa Vortex Wave Class: None Equipment:
HP: 51 / 51 MP: 72 / 72 Iron one-handed sword
Clothes of another world
Elfen's cloak
Leather gloves
Burnt alien shoes
Hand throwing knife with a curse
Level 1
Strength 1.01 Health 1.03
Skill 1.01 Speed 2.02
Wise 4.00 Magic 2.00 Skill
Nature 7.00 Congenital Skill: Swordsmanship 1.01 Freezing Magic 2.00
Acquired skill: Dimensional magic 5.00
?? ?? ?? :? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? :? ?? ??
Condition: Confusion 1.01 Bleeding 0.52  Magic:
Experience: 805/100 Freeze Magic: Freeze 1.00 Ice 1.00
Dimensional magic: Dimension 1.00

The final status of the main character. Aikawa resummoned again with Rustiara. After he obtained his true Magic.

Name: Aikawa Vortex Wave Class: Adventurer Equipment:
HP: 50 / 50 MP: 50 / 50 Crescent Pectra Zuri's Straight Sword
  • Attack power 4. Adds the attack power of 10% of the wearer's speed.
  • If the speed of the adversary exceeds the speed of the owner, the speed of the owner will be corrected by + 30%.

Epic Seeker Uniform
Chrome gloves
Megistus boots 

Level 1
Strength 1.00 Health 1.00
Skill 5.00 Speed 2.00
Wise 4.00 Magic 1.00 Skill
Nature 1.12 Congenital skill: Moon magic 1.01 Magic operation 1.00 Wind magic 1.00
Acquired Skills: Swordsmanship 1.00 Sensitivity 1.00 Reading 1.01 Acting 1.00
Unique skills: Di Covenanters
Unique skills: Persona Animamus
Condition: --- Magic:
Experience: 710/100 Moon magic: Dimension 1.01
Magic: With Last Christ 1.88

《Moon Attribute》
  • "Dimension", not "space" or "space-time". It was major a thousand years ago, but around 1013 in the new calendar, it is even more minor among the minor attributes. There is no user at the academy, and only a few were handled at the magic shop. When the vortex wave held his hand over the crystal ball, which measures the magical genre and dose that can be remembered from the quality and quantity of blood, the color became completely transparent.
    • The basis of dimensional magic. It assists in grasping the space according to the ability of the surgeon. MP1 consumption
    • Magic that collects information on space. It does not collect automatically, but only where you want to be aware of the information you want.
    • Vortex waves are not good at spreading this magic in high places.
  • Dimension / Multiple Expansion (Multiple)
    • Function: Dimension / wide area expansion (multi-bull)
  • Dimension / Battle Operation (Gradiate)
    • The image of the dimension is specialized for battle, and although the range of enemy search ability is reduced, the sense of distance and attention required for the battle is significantly increased. Strong against long-range attacks.
    • Later, I feel that the whirlpool that drank the magic stone of the dimensional magic "Time Shift" that manipulates the surgeon's sense of time is close to this magic.
  • Dimension / Song battle calculation (difference)
    • By grasping the space with "Dimension / Battle Calculation", calculating the movement of the enemy, and interfering with a slight "Default", the opponent's attack and defense fail.
    • The difficulty level is not the ratio of << Dimension / Battle Operation >>, but there is a lot of information to be processed.
  • Form
    • MP1 consumption
    • The basis of dimensional magic. It produces a lilac bubble that gives the concept of dimension and space-time.
    • The contour is made up of dimensional deviations, and when touched, it does not pop and disappears.
    • It is not very effective by itself, but it works to assist dimensional magic.
  • Foam, Iris (torsion)
    • Imitation of "Torsion", released by "Original Kanami".
    • It has been downgraded to magic with no physical attack power, but it has a certain effect on opponents who do not have a physical body such as spirits.
    • Later, a solid understanding of the "Shift" technique strengthened it and brought it with physical force.
  • Rug
    • The basis of dimensional magic. Delays in the time of any phenomenon, depending on the ability of the surgeon.
    • I felt that the whirlpool that drank this magical magic stone was similar to the self-styled timed activation of Dimensional Snow.
  • Shift
    • Dimensional magic creates lines that shift space. It's close to "Sword that cuts dimensions".
  • Dimensional Sword (Di Flamberge)
    • Constructs a blade with the magical power of the dimensional attribute. There is no attack power, just magic that shifts the space and changes the visible position.
    • Similar to dimensional magic "Shift".
  • Timeshift
    • Dimensional magic manipulates the sense of time of the surgeon. I felt that the whirlpool that drank this magical magic stone was close to "Dimension / Battle Calculation".
  • Connection
    • Advanced dimensional magic. Connect dimensions according to the ability of the surgeon. It consumed 100 MP
    • It works only when two doors are paired.
  • Replace connection
    • Dimensional magic that swallows space with "cuts" and moves the whole space.
    • Can move between the worlds.
  • Dimensional connection (Dinai Entia)
    • The "connection" with the reaper becomes thicker, and the magical power is absorbed.
    • Reaper has also made "connections" with the people of Lauradia and his friends in the vortex wave, and by sucking up from all of them, he has acquired an almost infinite source of magical power.
  • Default
    • Dimensional magic used by "Original Kanami". "Unresponsive space magic" manipulates the space and manipulates the distance between the object and itself.
    • Vortex waves were relearned in Chapter 5. It was easier to learn than 《Torsion》 and 《Distance Mute》 because I only had to improve the perfection of the application of 《Form》 used in the game against Lowen.
    • The highest level of dimensional magic can be obtained from Allied magic stones.
    • Notational fluctuation: Gradually uneven (default)
  • Default / Armed Destruction (Armor Break)
    • Dress-up magic that interferes with the other party's clothes and "belongings" and changes clothes.
    • Notational fluctuation: Default armor change
  • Default field
    • Arrangement of "default". A control technique zone that allows the user to manipulate the perception of a dimension and mana around. It can be offensively, this technique can be funneled into Dimension to increase the size, number, and range of the spell. It can also be used to launch attacks in any direction and from any direction within the Default field.
  • Default wall
    • Arrangement of "default". An invisible wall that can't penetrate even a powerful attack
  • Torsion
    • "Attack magic that cannot interfere" creates a twist in the space that looks like a flower and attacks it.
    • Actually, it is not so difficult magic from the founder, but it is affordable magic that can be used lightly without consciousness. It seems that it can be reproduced if the skill level is about 3.00, but the vortex wave had to be practiced because I had seen the technique only once.
    • Notational shaking: Torsion is related to foam, Iris.
  • Torsion Field
    • A huge "Torsion". In the battle with Yotaki, the space was distorted and widened to form an area.
  • What to bring (di pouch)
    • The official name is the magic "Magic Bag".
  • Distance mute
    • The magic or dimensional magic used by "Original Kanami". "Original Kanami" was called magic and later in the series, Aikawa mastered this spell.
    • "Immediate death magic that cannot be defended" that invades the target "area" ignoring the material boundaries, "magically petrifies" the core "soul" of existence, and pulls it out.
    • Actually, it is not so difficult magic from the founder, but it is affordable magic that can be used lightly without consciousness. It seems that it can be reproduced if the skill level is about 3.00, but the vortex wave had to be practiced because I had seen the technique only once. Later, it became possible to cover his entire body. MP consumption is basically 30. It takes more to do various things
    • The developer, Tiara, named this magic "Phantom Purple Arm", but "Ganso Kanami" gave a ruby ​​called "Phantom Purple Arm (Distance Mute)". Notation shaking: Phantom purple arm (distance mute)
  • Distance mute / connection (access)
    • Magic that hits emotions and thoughts by applying "Distance Mute" and creating a "connection" with the target's mind.
    • A dimensional magic reproduction of  Nosphy's "discussion" by light magic. However, unlike light magic, there is no effect of mental interference.
  • Distance mute exosis
    • The magic that the vortex wave improvised to tear off the possessed ghost.
    • Forcibly separates the overlapping souls and causes tremendous pain.
  • Black shift
    • The magic of working on the "reason" of the world and paying for it in vain.
    • ■■■ And, visually and magically blacken it with a black mist to hinder recognition.
    • Observations from other dimensions such as "future vision" and "past vision" can be deceived.
  • Black shift override
    • The worst dimensional magic is created by vortex waves.
    • The magic of "past modification" that is physically and mentally filled with black-purple dark clouds and overwritten back in time to make it "not".
  • Black shift Overwrite Life
    • The magic of ■ that targets time and makes the other person's life "not".
  • Dimensional snow (Di Snow)
    • A combination of "Form" and "Freeze [Freezing Magic]" .
    • The cold air from "Freeze" is condensed and trapped in "Form", and the cold air is released at any point.
    • I feel that the vortex wave, which I saw later in the explanation of the dimensional magic "Rag", is similar to this magic.
  • Dimensional winter (Di Winter)
    • Combined magic of "Dimension" and "Freeze ". By putting cold air in the spherical dimensional magic area, the surrounding area becomes winter. It can be deployed to a diameter of about 100 meters.
    • In the area, the performance of freezing magic will increase dramatically, and it will be possible to block the opponent's magical power and body by manipulating the cold air. When suppressing the magical power, the magical power is unexploded and attenuated. In the case of the physical body, it can be suppressed to the extent that a slight sense of discomfort is felt. However, since it is difficult to work on the magical power in the body, it is difficult to hinder the magic that strengthens the physical ability.
  • Dimensional winter, final frost (Di Winter Frost)
    • Freeze and stall wet enemies.
  • Dimensional winter, distorted ice world (Di Winter Niflheim)
    • A magic that the whirlpool used to prevent, Lowen's "Ghost Flash" by mixing all of his magic and skills. Strengthen 《Dimensional Winter》, mix in 《Dimensional Snow》 filled with various magic, and mix huge 《Form》.
    • In order to counter the unrecognizable slash that cuts through the space that should not be reached, the world is distorted by innumerable huge "forms". The degree of distortion is such that it becomes impossible to grasp the position information of the space, even if it is a "sensitivity" that understands the world.
  • Dimensional Winter Sakufu (Di Winter Wines)
    • Improvisational resonance magic of vortex waves and liners. Combine the cold air of the vortex wave with "Seea Wind Madness" to create a magical storm that freezes everything you touch.
  • Overcrowded Dimension Midwinter (Di Overwinter)
    • It narrows the range of "Winter of Dimension" and oversupplies magical power. When used for the first time, the radius is about 3 meters.
    • The ability to inhibit movement increases dramatically and the area slows down like walking in the snow in the middle of winter. It is also the area of ​​<< Dimension / Decisive Battle Operation >> . Since it is necessary to constantly grasp and calculate the movement of the other party and continue to apply magical power to it, not only the magical power but also the burden on the brain is heavy. Later, it is used as resonance magic between vortex waves and Yotaki.
  • Another world of winter (Wintri dimension)
    • Vortex waves are used in the finals of the dance competition, in the arena sealed by the highest barriers of the Allies. The next magic of "Winter of Dimension" that builds a cold and humid winter world inside the barrier. The caster can manipulate the magical power of the freezing attribute at any time inside.
    • In the final chapter, Yotaki is used to cover the entire continent. In the case of Yotaki, unlike the one of the whirlpool, "magic thread" is also used, and it is possible to show a hallucination to the person who took it in and suck up the magical power through "connection". Same as the magic of the last vortex wave of Snow IF.
    • Even before the summoning of Aikawa's brothers and sisters to another world, it was also developed in the "Original World". By this magic, Yotaki uses all the creatures of the "Original World" as the source of magical power.
  • De Vibration
    • A combination of non-attribute and dimensional attributes. You can shake your magical power and talk in "between dimensions" without a body.
  • Dimensional Decisive Battle Operation "Prequel" (Dimension Graduate Realize)
    • It is a True Magic, Dimensional magic that performs "past vision" created by whirlpools for guardians.
    • Even the vortex wave of the user does not know exactly how the used magical power is consumed and where it disappears, but it is certain that at the same time as losing the magical power, it gains memory instead. Although it is very powerful magic, it is only "the magic of Aikawa Yotaki's older brother", and it is suggested that it is different from the true "magic" of the original vortex wave.

""The future is connected to the present"
"The present and the past are connected"
"Until the time comes when the world remembers me"

  • Dimensional Battle Operation "Saitan" (Dimension Graduate Realize)
    • True magic, Dimensional magic increases the number of perceptible dimensions by one and performs "future prediction in limited space". The exact point of this magic is that you cannot see a fixed future and you can know various possibilities first. Choose the best of them and know how to reach that best future. That is the power of this magic.
    • Due to the low information processing ability of the vortex wave, the future other than those who decided to see it could not be picked up, and there were plenty of gaps except for the space where they decided to see it. An opponent with high magical power is hard to read, and an opponent who moves with a whim or an idea will have more chances to see and the effect will be halved. There is no doubt that it is still powerful magic, but overconfidence is prohibited.

""I swear to atone for all my sins"
"Be sure to end the world"
"Let me save everyone"

A True Magic that Main use of Aikawa Vortex Wave/Aikawa Kanami from Surgeon: Zero Guardian Series [True Magic Series] was written by Aikawa Whirlpool. Aikawa Kanami is the only one who can wield/use this Magic, this magic is derived from his love for Tiara. The other True Magic used by Aikawa Vortex Wave was a part of Moon Attribute/Moon Magic: Dimension, he can only use them but not as powerful that the original owner who used it.
I in the world of storiesWith Last Christ
Surgeon: Zero Guardian "Those who steal the moon's reason" Aikawa Whirlpool

""I want hope in the future"
"I love the world too"
"This is a story that exists with the world"
"The scooped stars on the surface of the lake lead to the sky

The magic of "future modification" attracts small hopes. It was activated as failure magic around the age of ten, attracted the future of "ideal", gained "loved one" -lost it, and incurred the "compensation" of "the most loved one dies".

Originally, the chanting and magical name were the same as Ragne's "Inverted Lake Moon Dream Curse", and it was a magic that could not be controlled by itself, but in Chapter 10, believe in everyone and believe in yourself from the bottom of your heart. By being able to do this, the range of effects has expanded, and it has sublimated into the magic of "everyone who believes in vortex waves" and "a little closer to a little hope."

  • This True Magic is able to rewrite or manipulate the concept of life, time, and the future. By invoking this magic, Aikawa is able to rewrite everything in the world and with this magic, he can able to resummon himself also able to manipulate his status.
《 ?? ?? ?? → Unique Skill》
????: ???????? ????
The Deepest PledgerDi Covenanters
Holder: Vortex wave

Display first appearance: Episode 2 → Episode 184

  • Passive and effective, powerful skill connected with two magic stones.
  • The "humanity" when depriving Rustiara of his favor in Chapter 4 is due to the "magic stone power of Yotaki".
[Skill "???" went out of control] - Stabilizes the mind in exchange for some emotions
- Conflict is corrected by +1.00
Episode 2
[Skill "???" went out of control] - Confusion reached 10.00 and exceeded the limit of skill "???"

- The accumulated confusion becomes the original emotion and is "refunded".

[Skill "???" has been activated] - Regain emotions by overcoming the past

- Eliminate 1.00 confusion

[Skill "The Deepest Pledger" has been activated] - By overcoming the past, you will regain your emotions.

- Eliminate 1.00 confusion

Episode 184
- Stabilizes the mind in exchange for certain emotions

- Conflict is corrected by +1.00

- Stabilizes the mind in exchange for some emotions

- +1.00 correction is added to the confusion

????: ???????? ????
Dream Celebration Lake SurfacePersona Animamus
Holder: Vortex wave

Display first appearance: Episode 2 → Episode 512

  • A conceptual mask in which a vortex wave is placed over a waterfall.
  • It changes depending on the soul you see, and the "display" of the vortex wave is "? ?? ?? , And in Rustiara's "Pseudo-God's Eyes", it looked like a "Gentile", and in Haili's "Display", it looked like a "prime field".
[Skill "??? ??" Was released] - You will be "refunded" by exchanging your created self for the original magical power. Episode 2 → Episode 512
[Skill "??? ??" Was activated] - In exchange for some magical power, the target's ideal ■ ■■■ ■■■ ―― [Instant death]


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